Well, it’s another day in America, and that means somebody has lost their minds and is banning all possible ways of hurting someone else’s feelings.

In the latest example, Michigan State University banned hanging whiteboards on dorm room doors starting next fall because a few times in the past, mean words and pictures have been scrawled on them and the delicate snowflakes can’t handle it anymore. (Never mind that most residents use them to write encouraging messages to each other.)

The College Fix learned that “several incidents” happen “in any given month” and “sometimes” the messages are “racial” or “sexual in nature.” However, most students say it’s very rare and have found the whiteboards to bring the dorm community together because many post thought-provoking questions and that starts discussions.

But according to a Lansing NAACP Facebook post, this is a “victory” because one time, a black student at MSU found “The N Word” written on her whiteboard. Two thoughtful commenters, though, brought some much-needed reality to the conversation:

“How is this a victory when every dorm resident will be punished because of one racist idiot? What does this accomplish exactly? It seems to me you’re giving more power to the racist. Should we have limited skyscrapers to only 10 stories after 9/11 in an effort to end terrorism? Help me to understand the reasoning and logic.”

“I wouldn’t call this a victory. The boards are not doing the bullying, and surely removing them will not stop racist bullying on campus or anywhere else.”

So, welcome to Progressive America, where whiteboards are too dangerous to be tolerated in a college dorm because someone might write something that “offends.” Perhaps we should take away their pens and paper, too. Maybe we should prohibit internet access, where someone might post something offensive. How about bulletin boards? Ban flyers? Maybe we should simply gag, and blindfold all college students to remove the possibility of anyone being offended by anything. Where does it all end?

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