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Every single day, college campuses capitulate to censorship and attacks on our First Amendment.

Freedom of speech? Oppressive, according to these social justice warriors.

Freedom of association? Archaic, according to these infantilized young ones.

As Senator Ben Sasse has said, “Forty-one percent of Americans under age 35 think that the First Amendment is dangerous because someone might use their freedom of speech to say something that might hurt someone else’s feelings. Actually, that’s quite the point.”

Thankfully, some conservatives at UC-Irvine are fighting back. In response to a controversial speaker coming to campus, the College Republicans at UC-Irvine set up shop outside the safe zone training to hand out pacifiers to the coddled college students attending.

The Daily Caller has more details:

UC-Irvine College Republicans are planning to distribute 100 infant pacifiers at a school-sanctioned “safe zone training” event taking place just hours before the Yiannopoulos event, UC-Irvine College Republicans said in a press release.

The Gerber Baby pacifiers will include an attached label with the caption, “I survived! Milo tour 2016.”

UC-Irvine Republican Club president, Ariana Rowlands told the Orange County Register she fears for her fellow students who seem “dominated” by political correctness and often only hear the left’s side of the story.

“Conservatives on campuses, when we open our mouths, a lot of the time we face censorship,” Rowlands said. “If you say the gender pay gap isn’t real, they will argue with you and call you anti-feminist. If you support cops, you are a racist. They’ll misconstrue what you say and make it worse.”

Robert Petrosyan, College Republicans chairman at UC-Irvine, argued that both conservatives and liberals lose when students are “coddled,” citing the critique of campus sensitivity made by President Obama in September.

“These so called Safe Spaces are an anathema to free expression and are a not-so-veiled form of ‘totalitarian group think’ where ideological deviation is not tolerated and outside opinions are to be destroyed, not challenged,” Petrosyan said.

This is perfect. Even President Obama has spoken out and realized that the leftists on campus have gone too far. Instead of debating, they want to censor. Instead of exchanging ideas, they want to put their fingers in their ears and hum to themselves, pretending that all other viewpoints are invalid and hurtful.

Not listening to ideas you disagree with is hurtful.

Retreating to safe spaces is something a toddler having a tantrum would do.

Enjoy the pacifiers, guys. You’ll need them if you want to stay in that safe space long enough for someone in there to inevitably realize free speech and a free marketplace of ideas is better than a community of censorship and cowardice.

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