How far is the left willing to go to enslave the minds of our youth?

What happens when a mass movement becomes totally unmoored from reality and yet is not denied a place of prominent influence in society?

The LGBTQ zealotry answers these questions anew every day. And every day, their answer becomes increasingly outrageous, unthinkable, and disturbing. 

Gender-sane people still tend to think we’ve seen it all. “How could LGBTQ religionists possibly become any more debased,” we wonder. And then they do. And for some reason, we’re shocked.

So here’s the latest low… until, probably, tomorrow.

According to The Daily Wire, the Dutch TV show “Gewoon Bloot” (“Simply Naked”) has produced an episode in which naked transgender adults show off their nude bodies for kids and extol the “ecstasy” of sex reassignment surgery.

For kids.

“Welcome to Simply Naked,” the host greets the audience of 10- to 12-year-old children. “In Simply Naked, adults get undressed so that we can learn something about it.”

“These kids,“ he continues, “10-12-year-olds, get the opportunity to ask them questions about their naked body. And today, our guests are transgender.”

Five adults then take the stage, disrobe, and proselytize their susceptible students. “You simply feel intense happiness,” the host boasted of the elation that allegedly accompanies gender transitioning. 

Perhaps most disturbing of all is how quickly the preteens are swayed, indoctrinated.

“At first, you think, huh?” said one young girl, who had the intuitive sense that naked adults gloating over chopped-off sex organs are not normal (good for her!). “But later, you realize that it’s actually pretty normal.”

“It’s actually really normal,” concurred another young viewer.

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What kind of messed-up world doesn’t lock up adults who flaunt their naked bodies for preteen minors but instead puts them on live TV?

What kind of world only criticizes conservatives who criticize such repugnant perversity?

“A new Dutch TV series featuring naked adults answering questions from young children hasn’t yet been aired, but it is nevertheless already drawing fire from conservative politicians,” sneered The Daily Beast. The fact that only “conservative politicians” are upset is telling. And tragic.

The LGBTQ mob has gone to great unnatural lengths to convert our children. And yet even many parents have bought into their anti-kid agenda.

The glaring contradiction at the heart of their indoctrination is, of course, that proponents say transgenderism is natural… so natural, the only way kids ever find out about it is through being relentlessly propagandized.

The 10-12-year-olds on “Simply Naked” sure didn’t think transgenderism was normal. At least not until they were enticed with assurances of intense happiness — then they were quickly intrigued.

“I want that, too,” said one young girl, speaking for thousands of her peers.

We have created a horrifyingly lonely, unmoored, and depressed next generation. No wonder they respond so well to the talking points and promises of giddy LGBTQ salespeople. No wonder at least
one in six Gen Zers now identify as LGBTQ.

The left has officially given away its playbook. They are not merely affirming; they are actively persuading. They are seducing kids into renouncing their biological sex, irreversibly harming their bodies, and plunging headfirst into the greatest lunacy of today’s world. There can be no other explanation for “Simply Naked.”

Jakob Fay is a staff writer for the Convention of States Project, a project of Citizens for Self-Governance.

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