President Trump just handed every governor in the union a gift. By removing the Obama administration’s federal co-ed bathroom edict, states now have the power to make that decision for themselves. What’s not to like about that? Apparently a lot for some.

Democratic Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton isn’t too happy about it, telling the press:

“I strongly disagree with the Trump administration’s decision to withdraw the protections that his predecessor provided for transgender students in being able to use school bathrooms which match their gender identities.”

Stranger still, Dayton added, “This is not a quote states’ rights issue, it is a human rights issue, and it should be a constitutionally protected right.”

Since when did allowing boys to shower with girls become a “constitutionally protected right?” But if that’s how the governor wants things to work in Minnesota, go for it. He doesn’t need the federal government to make it happen. So, just shut up and do it… NOW.

But maybe there’s something else at play here. John Hinderaker at PowerLine blog nails what’s really going on:

“It is not exactly a news flash that the Left has abandoned any pretense of interest in federalism. But I think part of what is going on here is that liberals are glad to have left-wing policies that are unpopular with their constituents imposed by far-off and unresponsive Washington.

Ah, yes. Now we’re at the heart of the matter. Politicians like Dayton don’t want the dirt on their hands. They prefer cowering under federal “guidance.” That way, voters’ ire for controversial policies is aimed toward Washington. It’s very cunning, but it’s cowardly.

You were elected to govern, so, do it.

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