If you want a perfect example of an overreaching government, keep reading.

Barbecue chefs in Kansas City have been participating in a charity food drive called Kookers Kare for the last five years. The cooks collect thousands of pounds of meat and sides and deliver it to the city’s homeless. That is, until this year when a city health inspector confiscated 700 pounds of the BBQ and threw it in the trash. And to ensure no one could come behind and retrieve it, the health inspector poured bleach all over the food. Why? The source of the food couldn’t be traced to see if the proper permits had been acquired.

So, thanks to our moral betters in government knowing what’s best for everybody else, nearly 3,000 people likely went without a hot meal as noted in the following Facebook post:

Gary Denham is Kookers Kare’s president and he said his team only collects piping hot food or extremely cold food and transports it properly. Only then is it distributed to the Christian non-profit Hope City which feeds the homeless, according to IJ Review.

But the health department believes it did the right thing, telling local Kansas City news, “All of that food was not inspected, so that makes it from an unapproved source, it can not be served to the public. Was it held at the proper temperature when it was collected, when it was transported, how was it transported, stored, stacked, these are all questions we couldn’t answer and no one could tell us.”

Yes, I’m sure the government’s “concern” was comforting to all those empty bellies. Shame on them!

As a result of this incident, the future of the food drive hangs in the balance as inspections tighten every year.

This story exemplifies what the great capitalist economist Milton Friedman once said: “The government solution to a problem is usually as bad as the problem.”

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