An Election Night tweet by the New York Times made everyone scratch their heads.
“The role of declaring the winner of a presidential election in the U.S. falls to the news media,” the newspaper tweeted.  “The broadcast networks and cable news outlets have vowed to be prudent. He’s how it will work.” The newspaper included a link to an article about how the media would handle reporting election results. 
It’s been a long time since I’ve been in college, but I recall something about — what was it — something about counting the votes of the people to determine the winner.  But apparently, the New York Times believes our nation must rely on the judgement of leftist media outlets. 
I don’t know about you, but I prefer not to live in a world where big brother Don Lemon controls the American political system.

People criticized the Times for their message. “Apparently the media is also not responsible for reviewing their tweets before sending,” one user tweeted

Another added, “Who did it in the 1800s? The town crier?”

“Ah yes famously the first line of the constitution “We the broadcasters,”” one user added.

“The media who hates Trump and has shown their bias thinks they’re the ones who should declare the President? It must be nice to think you’re more important than reporting the news,” Tim Young told Fox News. “Now they’re trying to determine elections.” 

After Twitter almost melted in derision, the Gray Lady deleted the tweet and issued a statement.

“Correction: We’ve deleted an earlier tweet that referred imprecisely to the role of the news media in the U.S. presidential election. The news media projects winners and reports results; it does not declare the winner of the election.”

Um…  yes.  But I’m not impressed by this very obvious statement of “how elections work.”

One user agreed with me. “Imagine being what was once considered the premier newspaper in the entire world and not knowing this before you tweeted it. Has anything fallen further faster?”

The Times doesn’t run the country. They tell us news about the people who do. 

Before they can govern America they should first learn how to govern their Twitter feed.

Hat Tip: Fox News

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