You ever feel like maybe the politicians are the really stupid ones?

Recently, an Austin, Texas welfare recipient called in to “Austin’s Morning News” radio show and described why she lives off the government dole.

The 32 year old mother with three kids is on welfare just like her parents.  Probably, her kids will do the same.  And why wouldn’t they?  People who go to work every day are the fools, she insists…  she gets paid to sleep late, hang around all day and smoke weed.

Listen to this shockingly honest admission HERE.

Though I don’t think she’s right — that people who work are idiots — I do think it’s insane to keep electing politicians who won’t stand up for entitlement reform.

I don’t have a good answer to this woman who asks, “why would I get a job?”

(Other than the fact that earning your own way and setting a good example for your children is the right thing to do.)

But I do know that if her money and benefits suddenly stopped, that able bodied woman would be forced to get an actual job.

Lucy, don’t worry — the politicians don’t have any intention of making you give up your pot smoking time.

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