See the guy on the far right, the one with this eyes closed holding up a “V” for victory?  That’s Texas state Sen. Carlos Uresti who is presumably “standing with Texas women,” though his left arm is out of the photo. Did he have his fingers crossed?

Recently, the politician was accused of taking advantage of a grieving mother by getting her to invest in a Ponzi scheme, to the tune of almost $1 million. Uresti met the mother when he defended her during a wrongful death lawsuit pertaining to a vehicle rollover in which her children were killed.  Instead of merely giving her legal advice, he allegedly devised a plan to seduce her and take her money.

That’s about as low as you can go, folks. The Daily Beast has more:

The 54-year-old Uresti, who has also been accused by multiple women of sexual harassment during his time as a legislator, is on trial for 11 felony charges—including money laundering, wire fraud, and securities fraud—over his alleged part in a Ponzi scheme involving frac sand company FourWinds Logistics. Uresti, who served as legal counsel for the now-defunct company, has repeatedly denied all of the charges.

The woman says Uresti sent her flirtatious texts (“Damn, you look really sexy today,” he sent just right before her deposition) and he reportedly even sent a photo of his penis from a bathroom while he was shopping with his wife.  (Side note: who wants to receive these photos?  Is this what seduction is now?  Really?)  The grieving mother lost all but $100,000 of her investment when the company went belly-up to pay early investors, even though her trusted advisor told her she could get her money back at any time.

Ed Driscoll over at Instapundit pointed out that it takes the Daily Beast a bit to reveal this guy is a Democrat.

“Unexpectedly,” it takes the Daily Beast 15 paragraphs to reveal that Uresti is a Democrat, in the second-to-last ‘graph. At least the San Antonio Express-News article linked to in the above except identifies it in the fourth paragraph.

If this were a Republican, it would’ve been in the headline.  I know that both parties do bad things.  But only party gets a near pass when it comes to media accountability.

Take a moment to appreciate the photo with this article.  When you see Democrat politicians “standing with women” remember that sometimes that means sending photos of their genitals and stealing money.  But the photo ops will rarely tell you that.


Image Credit: Beth Cortez-Neavel on Flickr.  Caption: Senators Kirk Watson (D-Austin), Sylvia Garcia (D-Houston), Wendy Davis (D-Fort Worth), Leticia Van de Putte (D-San Antonio), Royce West (D-Dallas) and Carlos Uresti (D-San Antonio) show their “no” votes.

Hat Tip: Daily Beast

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