Rest assured, President Joe Biden has everything handled when it comes to foreign affairs. Thanks to 30 famous Tik Tok stars, he’s controlling the public’s perception of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

It’s really not a joke.

Last week, the White House hosted a Zoom conference with the social platform’s top influencers to “brief them on the latest information,” AKA, to control the message online.

Tik Tok is used primarily among 16 to 24-year-olds, which means the White House is targeting the youngest – and most vulnerable – demographic of our population that will be able to vote not just in this year’s midterms but also in the 2024 presidential election. 

Their concern lies in the spread of misinformation on the platform, which is supposedly out of control. So, to get the narrative straight, the White House directly explained to this exclusive group the United States’ strategic goals in the region and answered any questions from these Gen Z foreign policy…. experts?

Jen Psaki, White House staffers and the influencers themselves are all aware of the messaging manipulation that is at play, which they are apparently okay with.

“We recognize this is a critically important avenue in the way the American public is finding out about the latest,” said the White House director of digital strategy, Rob Flaherty, “so we wanted to make sure you had the latest information from an authoritative source.”

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An authoritative source…. Because Americans and the rest of the world really look at Biden as an authoritative and trustworthy source.

“Those who have an audience can ideally set the tone for how others decide to assess and amplify what they see online,” said Jules Terpak, one of the 30 attendees. 

She’s well aware that her audience is so dedicated to her that she can set the tone on what information they are fed and what they believe.

Just a quick Google search of Jule’s Tik Tok account shows she’s a complete tool of the Left, posting several videos on her generation being “victims of misinformation” and giving tips on how to get real news. 

It’s worth mentioning that in other partnership posts, she advertises carbon neutral living – for just $15/month – and mentions what Bill Gates is doing to help the environment.

The up-and-coming generation of voters is being preyed upon by Democrats as an opportunity to mold their minds on social media platforms they spend many hours on each day.

It’d be interesting to know just how much money these influencers get paid to promote the ideas of these progressive politicians. 

Critical thinking, independent research and discussions with friends and family should be encouraged, but that wouldn’t result in the same outcome that the liberals are seeking.

Silence Dogood, who writes under Ben Franklin’s famous pseudonym, is an intern with the Convention of States Project. 

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