When the transgender phenomenon became a commonly known concept not too long ago, many questioners challenged the idea by asking what else in life can transform simply by declaring it so.

If gender can be subjective, can’t any form of identity be subjective, such as age or ethnicity? 

It seems the idea of identifying as a certain age has come to fruition for some in today’s world. The idea of choosing one’s own age is quietly slipping through the cracks and becoming a tolerated discussion.  

A “transage” activist claims that “age is a social construct.” In a Twitter post, the account wrote, “Transage people exist, and we are valid. We are not trivialising or invalidating anyone simply by being ourselves. We are not trolls. We are not predators. We simply want to live life as our authentic selves, be accepted and be free from harassment over who we are as people.”

Similar to a transgender person’s absolute gender being referred to as “biological sex,” a transage person’s actual age is apparently referred to as “chrono” age.

But in all reality, is this complete farce really where our culture is headed next? There is no room for debate because a person’s number of years on planet earth is indisputable.

Urban Dictionary defines “transage” as “someone with an age identity that differs from their chronological age.” The word has not been adopted by legitimate dictionaries such as Dictionary.com, but it’s a matter of time before this sick idea becomes accepted by our unhealthy culture that proclaims inclusivity. 

We are lying to ourselves simply to appease a self-centered, suffering population. This also has nothing to do with any part of the LGBT identity, and we can only hope this group will distinctly and vocally condemn this attempt to latch onto the identity crusade.

The Twitter account claims to be a “little girl younger than her chrono age who is trying to make the world a safer place for herself and other kids like her.”

The topic can be found circulating on discussion boards, on Wikipedia, and on social media. Aside from the absurdity of this idea as a whole, the disgusting truth is this concept makes children susceptible to dangerous, mentally-ill adults, pedophilia, and human trafficking.

The tough times our nation is suffering through are a result of a degraded culture, which we cannot let continue through untruth and emotional deception.

About The Author

Brianna is a national staff writer at Convention of States Action.