In the silver-tongued words of Ben Shapiro, “as a society, we have really cracked down very hard on the idea that people have any sort of control over their lives. Whenever you imply that somebody has control over their life, and they have a problem, and maybe they can avoid that problem, they get very, very angry. And obesity is a great example of this. Because the vast majority of people who are obese are people who probably should be eating less and creating caloric deficit.”

To which HBO host Bill Maher responded simply: “I was just going to say they love to stuff their face.”

Obesity is a serious problem in America made worse by the fact we are not allowed to talk about it. We are not even allowed to promote exercise or say that losing weight is beneficial.

Of course, when I say “we are not allowed,” I mean the far-left, woke media does not want us to.

In reality, doctors and experts everywhere will tell you how and why you should lose weight. The internet is inundated with their best advice. And our craving for it confirms we intuitively know that obesity is not to be desired.

But people who shun responsibility and seek to normalize every alternative lifestyle are fighting tooth and nail to silence that fact. Hence Time magazine’s latest on the topic: “The White Supremacist Origins of Exercise, and 6 Other Surprising Facts About the History of U.S. Physical Fitness.”

Yes, according to Time, physical exercise was invented to reinforce white supremacy.

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The science-less argument goes that white supremacists want white women to lift weights and gain strength so that white men have sex with them because “we need more white babies.”

More or less. The argument is never really fleshed out. The bold claim that exercise is racist is never evidenced.

Nevertheless, we should blindly believe that “fitness is a social justice issue”; that exercise, not obesity, should be stigmatized.

But why?

Why would the left want us to believe that excess weight is good for us when science says the opposite? According to Harvard’s School of Public Health, “[e]xcess weight, especially obesity, diminishes almost every aspect of health, from reproductive and respiratory function to memory and mood. Obesity increases the risk of several debilitating, and deadly diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, and some cancers. It does this through a variety of pathways, some as straightforward as the mechanical stress of carrying extra pounds and some involving complex changes in hormones and metabolism. Obesity decreases the quality and length of life, and increases individual, national, and global healthcare costs.”

Unfortunately, the way to avoid this myriad of obesity-related health complications is to participate in a racist practice.

Ultimately, this all goes back to what Ben Shapiro said: the left in America is dead set on destroying merit and responsibility.

First, it was math. According to
Scientific American, math has a “white, patriarchal past.” Next, we learned that standardized tests were “instruments of racism.”

Now it’s exercise.

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The left hates anything that suggests people are responsible for their own inadequacies. They hate the possibility that an unhealthy level of obesity may be their fault. That their bad decisions – not some external scapegoat – are at fault.

The point is not to worsen low self-esteem by talking about fatness or to cruelly ridicule those who are obese. The point is to stop glamorizing and instead warn people about a condition that kills 2.8 million adults every year.

It is not just fatness. Most of us understand that it would be wrong to glorify anorexia. Why? Because it is objectively unhealthy. We do not attempt to normalize it as an “alternative lifestyle” or promote anorexic models the way we promote morbidly obese models.

We should feel the same about popularizing fatness.

“I work in a hospital,” said one Twitter user, in response to an instance of fat celebration, “and you should see the quality of life difference for the older people who exercised regularly and the people who didn’t. You would all immediately stop pushing this health at every size nonsense.”

“If you are in any way participating in this joyful celebration of gluttony that goes on now you have blood on your hands. Full stop,” Bill Maher said on his show. “You’re not a freedom fighter because you want to keep eating doughnuts,” he later added.

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Again, the point is not to shame or mock those who are in less-than-perfect physical condition. There are two extremes when it comes to fitness, and prudence goes a long way when having this conversation.

It is not necessarily healthy for society to glamorize unrealistically skinny physiques either. But for the media, at the behest of the woke left, to lie that “health comes in all shapes and sizes” is unacceptable and absurd.

The truth about obesity is unforgiving, whether it hurts our feelings or not.

Fear not: your new year resolution to shed a few pounds or get your diet back on track after the holidays has nothing to do with racism or white supremacy. Instead, it has everything to do with your self-governing decision to take responsibility for your life and live it to the fullest.

Forget what the left says; your body will thank you.

Jakob Fay is a staff writer for the Convention of States Project, a project of Citizens for Self-Governance.

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