During a Wednesday night interview with Fox News’s Jesse Watters, it became clear that Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham isn’t fully aware of the legislation he publicly supports. 

The Restrict Act has been dubbed the Patriot Act 2.0. It supposedly addresses the Chinese-owned social media platform Tik Tok, yet it never mentions it once. Instead, it seizes government power over the American people.

Jesse Watters called out the “garbage” bill on his show, followed by an interview with one of its co-sponsors, South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham.

“You got to be kidding me Senator. Did you read this?” questioned Watters.

“I don’t think I support the RESTRICT Act,” Graham told Watters.

“You don’t support this?” Watters asked, “Because you were named as one of the supporters, ‘cause this is garbage.”

According to Congress.gov, Graham is indeed a co-sponsor. The senator’s own website further validates this fact. 

“On Congress.gov you are listed as one of the co-sponsors,” Watters said. “Maybe it’s like Fetterman when your chief of staff does all your work for you.”

“Well, yeah. I mean, number one, I owe you a better explanation than I’m giving you,” Graham said utterly baffled at the bill’s text. He added that his confusion on air “makes me look bad.”

“You have got to go back and talk to the other senators about this,” Watters told Graham. “This thing is nuts. And it’s going to get abused like it always does. We have got clean this up. Can we clean this up?”


Sen. Graham was right in his assumption; the interview made him look bad. It revealed how clueless our own legislators can be when it comes to creating new laws and regulations. The text clearly didn’t matter to Graham, so what did matter to him?

Not only did he support the bill, but he was also a co-sponsor. That’s all it takes for the American people to realize it doesn’t matter if politicians claim to be Republican or Democrat. It’s about back-room deals and anything but the good of the citizen.

Graham told Jesse Watters he would like the chance to return to the show after he looks into the bill.

Thankfully with Watters’ assertive confrontation, we can expect Graham to reconsider his public support for the outrageous Restrict Act.