Donald Trump was eccentric and unprecedented in many ways. Barack Obama spoke of “fundamentally transforming” America and was very progressive.

But Joe Biden has officially confirmed his status as the most radical president in recent U.S. history.

The soon-to-be 80-year-old-man has billed himself as a more moderate Democrat. And compared to younger, louder democratic stars–say, AOC, for example–he very well may be. But since taking office, he has essentially become a pawn of the far left. Any perceived discrepancy in radicalism between Biden and anyone else on the left is, at this point, simply in tone and persona (an old, doddering white guy will always seem less radical than a shrieking ex-bartender) but not in practice.

The president’s latest fling with insanity puts all doubts to rest: he is a radical leftist through and through.

To properly appreciate just how bizarre his behavior is, we must remember that Biden has spent 40% of his term on vacation. He rarely gives interviews or holds press conferences. When he does, he has a habit of wandering off without answering any questions. Or dozing off.

Despite all of that, Mr. Biden did manage to make the time for one very important interview: an interview with trans TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney.

A biological male who pretends to be a woman and has documented his “transition” on TikTok, Mulvaney recently came under fire for participating in an Ulta Beauty podcast called “The Beauty of Girlhood,” in which he announced, “I wanna be a mom one day, and I absolutely can.”

Um, no, I hate to break it to you, Dylan, but you absolutely can’t.

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Mulvaney also hosts a ‘Days of Girlhood’ video series (which, apparently, the president has watched). On day one of “being a girl,” Mulvaney said “I have already cried three times, I wrote a scathing email that I did not send, I ordered dresses online that I couldn’t afford, and then when someone asked me how I was, I said, ‘I’m fine,’ when I wasn’t fine. How’d I do, ladies?”

Is he mocking women?

On day three, he tried on skimpy bikinis and posed in showy dresses. Later, he bought tampons.

Is he appropriating womanhood?

If all of this sounds like a joke to you, you’re right. It is. Mulvaney expects us to take “her” very seriously, and the left, like the This is Fine Dog, refuses to bat an eye at what is clearly not normal behavior.

A serious president wouldn’t give this deeply unserious individual the time of day.

But Biden isn’t a serious president.

Not only did he meet with Mulvaney, he publicly opined that no one should be allowed to ban “gender-affirming health care,” meaning doctors should be allowed to mutilate healthy minors’ bodies.

And there you have it, folks. Our ostensibly moderate president has officially put his seal of approval on the most radical, unscientific, dangerous doctrine of the far, far left of which he is a puppet.

From interviewing with Cardi B in 2020 to inviting BTS to the White House to letting Olivia Rodrigo hold a press conference, Biden has gone to great lengths to prove that his presidency is not to be taken seriously.

But the moment at which the leader of the free world gives credit to the idea that grown men can be girls, it becomes clear we’ve crossed the threshold from merely unserious into radical and insane.

Jakob Fay is a staff writer for the Convention of States Project, a project of Citizens for Self-Governance.