Leaders at the University of Wisconsin-Stout decided to remove two historical paintings that featured American Indians and confine them to locked rooms on campus after deeming the frontier scenes potentially “harmful” for students to view in plain sight. A large poster of a naked woman, however, continues to hang proudly in clear view of everyone on campus.

Welcome to college in America.

The paintings were commissioned by the federal government in the 1930s and according to The College Fix, Wisconsin taxpayers forked over $26,000 to restore the artwork in 2012. Now, one painting will hang in a locked conference room where it will only be seen by appointment and the other is relegated to archive storage.

In a memo back in August, Chancellor Bob Meyer said the paintings in “their current uncontrolled access pose a risk of having a harmful effect on our students and other viewers. … I became convinced by listening to our Native American students, employees and others on campus, that these paintings stood in the way of [the university’s] effort to create an inclusive and comfortable environment for everyone.”

The nude photo is part of a senior student’s photography project titled “Unrestricted.” The female figure is posed on her knees and leaning backward. It has been hanging since the beginning of the Spring semester and will stay displayed for one year until it is replaced by another student’s art project.

When confronted with concerns that allowing a nude picture of a woman might go against the policy of creating a “comfortable environment for everyone,” the chancellor said he was “not aware” of the picture.

Are there any institutions of higher learning left in America where academic freedom is still practiced? The inmates are running the asylum! Progressivism has determined that depicting Native Americans rowing in canoes alongside French explorers is racist but displaying a completely naked woman photographed in various yoga poses is appropriate. This is Hypocrisy 101.

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