Well, Nike just lost a lot of customers.

They just announce that Colin Kaepernick is going to have his own branded #JustDoIt line which includes shoes, shirts, jerseys, etc. which will earn him millions of dollars per year.

“Believe in something,” their new tagline reads.  “Even if it means sacrificing everything.”

Does it matter, Nike, what people believe in?  Does it have to be…  oh what is that old fashioned word…  true?  The world is littered with people who believed in the wrong thing.  Kaepernick is one of them.  He has insulted the police officers who have sacrificed their lives protecting Americans, he wore pig socks to deride them, he complimented Fidel Castro.

Well, I guess he does believe in something. What a low bar to earn several million dollars.  Talk show host Mark Reardon tweeted:

Embarrassing…let’s not forget this guy paid homage to one of the greatest human rights abusers in history Fidel Castro. But he wants to lecture the rest of us about how black people are treated? Bad movie . I’ll buy or . There’s my protest.

Reardon is right.  What you believe is more important than the intensity with which you believe it.  Imagine just one second if a company had chosen the same motto, but against the faces of Jack Phillips or Baronelle Stutzman?  They believed something (that they didn’t want to compromise on their Christian values) and literally faced losing everything.

Kaepernick believes in a lie and has lost nothing.  As Andrew Surabian tweeted, “Yes, Kaepernick has really ‘sacrificed’ everything. And to think, the only people he had on his side supporting him were all of Hollywood, Silicon Valley, the entire mainstream media and a multi-billion dollar corporation in @Nike⁩. A profile in courage I tell ya.”

Exactly. So, upset Americans are resorting to destroying their own shoes in protest.

Good thing Nike enjoys a good protest.

Image Credit: Nike



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