It’s rare to receive a 911 call from the Secret Service, but that’s exactly what happened in January 2013 in Nashville, Tennessee, according to a new letter to the House Oversight Committee.

The Secret Service agents had gone to a Nashville resident’s home to investigate Facebook comments the Tennessean had made against the President.

Unsurprisingly, the Obama critic — who hadn’t violated any laws — wasn’t willing to come out of his home and be investigated by the federal government.

“He shoved the door in our face and went around the corner,” the Secret Service agent told the 911 operator. “Possibly, he had a gun in his hands.”

Of course, slamming a door in someone’s face isn’t against the law, and neither is having a weapon. The man, who’s a law-abiding gun owner, made no threats. He only demanded to see their warrant.

They didn’t bother to get one, but that inconvenient fact didn’t stop them. One of the agents asked the Nashville police sergeant to “wave a piece of paper” in order to fool the resident into believing they actually had obtained a warrant.

So, let’s recount this, shall we?

The Tennessean criticized the President in a non-threatening way… as is his First Amendment Constitutional right. The Tennessean had a gun to defend his home… as is his Second Amendment Constitutional right. The Tennessean asked to see a warrant… as is his Fourth Amendment Constitutional right.

None of these rights were respected by the Secret Service agents.

But you gotta love the Nashville Police.

Chief Steve Anderson wrote a letter to the former Nashville Secret Service Director Julia Pierson and Assistant Director A.T. Smith detailing these abuses. “I think you can see that had the MNPD officers complied with the directive from the Secret Service agents,” he wrote, “There was likelihood for this event to have escalated into a serious and/or embarrassing situation for both of our agencies.”

He never heard back from Pierson, but Smith responded with a “condescending and dismissive” tone. When Anderson went to their office to discuss whether they thought it was right to wave around a piece of paper to pretend they had a warrant, the Secret Service agent allegedly answered, “I don’t know. I’m not a lawyer.”

It’s good to see local authorities standing up to a corrupt, bloated federal government hell-bent on taking away our individual rights. Rep. Jim Cooper, D-Tennessee, one of the committee members who received the letter, thinks this is an outrage.

“There’s already a lot of fodder to attack the Secret Service with, and this will be more,” he said, before saying that the Secret Service’s tactics were grievous Constitutional violations.

Here’s the best part of the story. The Chief Anderson says that his officers are no longer allowed to work with the Secret Service unless they get a directive from the top.

Why? He wants to make sure his officers aren’t asked to engage in questionable and possibly unconstitutional activities.

Kudos to the Nashville police for standing up to a bloated, corrupt federal government and saying, simply, “no more.”

This article first appeared on The American Spectator.
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  1. Pam

    It is nice to see most law enforcements will stand up for us and the Constitution. Thank you to the Nashville Police. And nice to know we can not trust the Secret Service.

  2. Kachina

    Bravo!!! My new hero’s! How dare Obama sick his dogs after an American expressing his feelings….bad..bad…bad… I Love Nashville Officers! Thank You..Thank You..Thank You!

  3. Ronald Travis


  4. ric

    Wow just a couple weeks ago a guy wouldn’t get out his car because he hadn’t did anything wrong they bashed his window an dragged him out rite in front of his kids but this guy refused to come out of the house an had a pistol in his hand but nothing smdh we gotta do better

  5. Ed Taylor

    The SS needs to protect the people assigned to them, and they must follow the law while doing their job.

    When the SS attempts to break the law, while trying to enforce it, or intimidate someone acting within the law, then they bring dishonor on their department & put themselves on the same level as armed gang members.

  6. Speechmamacita

    Excuse me, but isn’t this the same incompetent, bungling, whoremongering Secret Service we’ve heard so much about of late? And we are surprised because??? If they are chasing down Fb critics of Owebama’s….good luck…they can’t even keep interlopers out of the White House guest bath…

  7. David DeSau

    The problem is Federal Law Enforcement Agencies seem to think that Constitutional Safeguards don’t apply to them – especially under Obama and Holder. Wrong !

  8. Maggietish

    The Secret Service is supposed to uphold the laws of this nation and not infringe upon an American citizens rights and they were readily willing to break the law. Not only that, they wanted to make the local police complicit with their breaking the law. Are we living in Nazi Germany. This is still America and this is our nation and we have freedoms under the Constitution and nobody, including the president or the Secret Service or anybody else, has the right to take our freedoms away from us. This is a total disgrace. Is this what this country has come to under Pres. Obama?

  9. Judyann J

    American citizens have been violated in similar events all over the country. Of course, you just don’ hear about it from the MSM. Can you IMAGINE if a Republican president committed these same offenses?
    Of course, these assaults upon or citizens and our 1st Amendment rights are meant to, not just “chill” but to completely eradicate any criticism of President Obama. These gestapo tactics have been seen before but most certainly NOT in a nation, “conceived in Liberty.”
    In just six years, Obama has transformed America into a nation barely recognizable from it’s former self. Why we must, absolutely must, do everything and anything we can to restore our Constitutional Republic. And yes, if that means an Article V Convention of States, so be it. But we simply can not sit idly by while tyranny is spreading like a wild fire on a windy Autumn day.

  10. Dr Charles F Self

    Thank you, Chief of the Nashville, TN police for being men, and not like the secret service lap dogs of obama, I think if more federal authority would stand up to the illegal Constitutional violations of obama, he would be doing the illegals things he does, that encludes U S House of Representatives, and that weak, spineless, queer, SOB, John Boehner

  11. Neil

    Mark excellent article. You would think that the Secret Service would be willing to look past this illegal administration and work on the side of the Constitution. Although municipal police departments do not always respond accordingly, it is good to see Nashville following the right way of handling things.

  12. Johnw.folsom

    As a 43 yr attorney,I totally agree with the police and condem the secret service.It is a shame that they have fallen so from respectability ,I doubt anyone of them like their job or respect Mr Obama.I for one do not!

    • Johnw.folsom

      What do you moderation!I said what I ment to say and as a former IRS revenue officer I will not change my statement. Either print it or forget it!

  13. NoPowder

    No doubt the Secret Service will soon be referred to as simply, “The SS”.

  14. Forrest W Byers

    The unbelievable realm of “third world dictatorship” has finally come to America! The absolute refusal of politicians to adhere to the principles of defending our constitutional republic comes either from, in the name of “bipartisanship” or to put it not so politely, the left,who are fashion setters, the click, the ones who get more than their fair share of “face time” because of their good buddies, the mainstream media, all of whom are the equivalent of “the most popular” in high school and the establishment Republican, despite promises to the electorate that put him or her in office, really just wants to be liked, politically, culturally and socially, to the extent, their differences with the ruling class are more accommodating them principled, resulting in differences of timing and speed as opposed to arguing the invalidity of ever-increasing democratic Marxist collectivism! One side is determined to have a bar room brawl, while the other side comes to the colloquy with all the politeness and deportment of little girl’s afternoon teas with the expectation of good manners failing a curt smile! The little cowboys, who ride in with “stick ponies”, popping their little cap guns always seem to fail to realize that they have ridden Into a box canyon, full of Rattlesnakes and vipers. The supposed good guys are in fantasy land, while their opposition, masters of nuance and deception, also known as flat out lying are absolutely certain, that with all of their Mocking and character assassination, that the idiots at home, will once again be fooled into the realization of yet another new term!

  15. helen sabin

    The agent who suggested that the police break the law, should be arrested and put in jail! Good for the homeowner who knew what to do and good for the police!

    Shame on the secret service.

  16. Burton Hughes

    The Nashville, Tennessee police department is to be commended . They are a shining example of what law enforcement should be like. If only we could have all of our law enforcement agencies in the country remodeled after them.

  17. Roy

    Will America survive the dumbocratic party and this puke of a president? And the msm still loves them!

  18. teaman

    As a 71 year old military retiree, I am personally asking, if not begging, all law enforcement and all federal agent(s), whom I still have respect for, please do all things the right way! Don’t cut corners or try and find ways to maneuver around the law(s), at any level! Please take time to study the constitution and perhaps carry a pocket size copy with you everywhere you go! Know the rights of all citizens like you know the back of your hand! Fact is, you should know those rights better than the law(s)!
    All of you have danger in your work and every day could be your last and I believe the majority of our Nation understands! At the end of your work day, we want you to come home safe and with a BIG thanks for being there and being ready!
    I fully understand, that we seem to have more bad guys now than ever, but if you stop them by breaking the law(s), no matter how slight, then you become no better than they! The problem we citizens face, is that most of the time when you break the law(s), you get away with it and every instance is an ever lasting BLACKEYE!
    Please be safe and fight for the constitution, and not against it, for our constitution is the ONLY thing that holds us together!
    Praying for you daily!

  19. Becky

    “Kudos” to the Nashville Police Department doesn’t even BEGIN to give them the thanks they earned for their decency and standing up for their citizens. Great job Nashville PD! I wish all police departments took after you.

  20. Grob103

    What a surprise. Recent events have shown us all that the once great Secret Service has now become a perfect reflection on the current lawless administration. Their attitude seems to have become the same as that a$$hole in the White House. Screw the law, I’m doing whatever I feel like doing.


    “There was likelihood for this event to have escalated into a serious and/or embarrassing situation for both of our agencies.”….Damn right, look back at Ruby Ridge, The Waco massacre or Bundy Ranch. I will archive this thread for future reference.

  22. Mario Saccoccio

    Hopefully, our Attorney General will investigate this serious civil rights violation and abuse of power…BWAAAAAHA!


    I surely hope that the senate is taken under the control of the conservatives
    on November 4th and there is some body in the senate that has the cojones
    to have this POTUS arrested on treason charges and gets him out of Our
    White House.

  24. Mary Crum

    Congrats to the Nashville police. I find it abhorrent the depths to which our Secret Service has sunk. They, too, have become lawless. Has Obama gotten a lot of Communists and Muslims in the Secret Service? I can’t believe that there are many loyal AMERICANS in government or its’ agencies any more. I barely recognize this Country. It is absolutely shameful what has been done and what is still going on. These federal law enforcement agencies used to deserve respect and praise. No more. They are to be viewed with much suspicion and no trust whatsoever. SS was WAY out of bounds in this.

  25. Arizona Don

    There is no doubt the federal authorities are getting out of hand. There should be repercussions (some type of punishment) regarding asking the Nashville police to fake a warrant. If it is not it should be against the law for any law enforcement agency to do such a thing. Laws pertain to them just as to “we the people.” If not law enforcement becomes the all powerful gestapo. Therefore some type of punishment should be imposed on the offender. For some reason it is no longer a big deal, for anyone in government, to do something unconstitutional, but it certainly should be. Americans have to stop looking the other way and ignoring these criminal acts.

  26. John C.

    It’s a sad state when those entrusted to protect us, violate our Constitutional rights. I filed a complaint against a law enforcement agency for blatantly violating the law. As a retired state Law Enforcement Officer, I never thought I would experience retaliation for doing the right thing; however, I found out just how corrupt a local agency could be. The actions of the Secret Service is appalling and an embarrassment to all of us who took the oath to protect and serve. I hope I don’t receive a visit after posting this!

  27. Pete

    Good for the Nashville PD. It’s nice to know that there are people who will not be intimidated by Obama’s SS ( Schutzstaffel) . In fact these clowns should be charged with criminal harassment.

  28. Pat Hilbreath

    Thank God for people who stand up for our constitutional rights. Arise Americans stand up for our liberties

  29. Donald Rowe

    Up till the last six years you could NOT have convinced me that any one of our police, military, secret service, treasury would have ever acted in the manner described in this account. However, I hear and read, more and more of this sort of thing and now am at a point where I would tend to believe such an account rather than not. And that’s sad, really sad.
    I’m currently reading an Ebook called “The Judgment of Babylon”, (The Fall of America). I’m only a few pages into it but it seems to promise to be quite informative, and very timely. I’m very afraid of the direction our once great country is taking and am nearly convinced that we’re on the road of our extinction. I sincerely hope not, but…………

  30. Marilyn Kamann

    So GLAD to hear the police stood up for a citizen for a change. It should happen more!!


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