It’s fun to see what sets the Main Stream Media off these days.  On Sunday night, it was Trump supporters with disposable income.

Yes, really.

Washington Post political reporter Dave Weigel and MSNBC anchor Chris Hayes were chatting on Twitter.

Weigel speculated about President Donald Trump’s base. “All those years scouring diners for Trump voters when longform writers could have been chilling on boats.”

Hayes said that this “was a better representation of the base, for real.”

Weigel: “I keep trying to make this point but don’t want to be patronizing. The Florida man with a HS degree and a pile of disposable income really is a perfect Trump supporter.”

Hayes: “Correct: white men without a four-year degree, and disposable income enough to buy a boat are genuinely the Trump base.”

Sorry, I’m still working through this. 

What about this would be patronizing?  What’s bad about it?

The fact that Trump supporters are smart enough to skip college – thus avoiding the liberal indoctrination factories of the modern university – and are able to prevent their common sense from being pried away from them by leftist profs?  Or is it the part about them having money to buy a boat – not a cheap purchase by the way?

As Matt Walsh tweeted, “So you’re saying his base consists of people smart, creative, and skilled enough to forgo the traditional college path and the debt that comes with it but still achieve considerable financial success? This is not the insult you want it to be, Chris.”

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