In a not-so-shocking turn of events, the Miss America organization just crowned her first transgender winner.

After taking the stage with twelve other dazzling, young, feminine contestants at a local Miss America pageant in New Hampshire, Brían Nguyen, a self-proclaimed social media influencer and female, was crowned Miss Greater Derry.

In a speech he gave at the event, Brían describes how he found refuge from hateful comments left on his posts by watching the lives of authentic social media influencers.

On his personal Instagram account, one of his captions reads “Next step in woman playbook: cut bad looking bangs out of boredom…”

This desperately confused boy masquerading as the caricature of a woman was awarded this title and crown to the detriment of a biological female.

The title for this event came with a scholarship and the opportunity to compete in the Miss New Hampshire pageant, and finally the Miss America pageant.

This historic event in the existence of the pageant follows on the heels of a 9th Circuit Court decision that upheld Miss United States of America’s “natural born female” rule against Anita Green, a transgender female himself.

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While the pageant’s rule was protected under the first amendment, the organization caved to the woke anyhow.

People on social media commented on the obvious partiality shown to Brían on account of his proclaimed gender identity, especially in regard to his physical appearance.

The current administration has routinely encouraged this madness, which time and again strips opportunity from biological females.

President Biden has even endorsed sex-change surgery in minors; more recently, the federal government has spent tax dollars on drag shows in Ecuador.

Our nation is in a dark place when the elites cannot separate fantasy from reality, when our governing officials are as childish as the children they mutilate, and when the rest of us sit back and watch it burn.

If our officials are unwilling or unable to notice a sorry young man in a crowd of disadvantaged biological girls, what business do they have deciding anything else?

Catie Robertson is an intern with the Convention of States Project, a project of Citizens for Self-Government.

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