You gotta love politics and double-standards.  The latest entry is Hollywood actor John Cusack, who has starred in many blockbuster movies and undoubtedly has raked in cash hand over foot.

On Saturday afternoon, he introduced presidential primary contender Bernie Sanders in Exeter, New Hampshire.  In his introduction, he claimed that billionaires were “getting nervous” about the Sanders campaign and that the media was “confused.”

He also took on climate change.  “The planet is faltering in face of relentless corporate plunder … And, sadly, violence, and fascism and poverty is [sic] spreading around the globe.”

“It seems like every conceivable power structure on earth is trying to kill or derail our movement, but we’re still here,” he said. “They fear us … because we’re going to take on their greed and their corruption and we’re going to win.”

Yes, he said this with a straight face.  He must really be a good actor!

I love political fervor as much as the next guy, but give me a break.  At what point do the super wealthy forget they are super wealthy?  At what point do they expect us to forget they are super wealthy?

As Ricochet’s Jon Gabriel noted, “multimillionaires like me are cool, but those billionaires are greedy af.”

I won’t translate the “af” part, but Jon puts his finger on the pulse of why this Bernie campaign – among other reasons – won’t take off.  Millionaires have the ability, the freedom, the privilege to give away as much money as they want.  If there is some terrible injustice out there that can be fixed with an infusion of cash, they can shovel heaps of money on the problem.  

They don’t. 

Instead, they take a private jet to rallies or conferences and lecture the rest of us about our politics and lifestyles.  It’s. not even maddening, it’s just boring.  The wealthy white men who appeared on that stage have every right to give their money to whomever they choose.  They need to stop lecturing the rest of America – people who have fewer resources – about why we should supply the rest of the nation with free stuff.

Good grief.

Image Credit: Flickr Mika Stetsovski

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