Ken Bone stood up wearing a bright red sweater towards the end of the second debate and asked a question in his easy manner about energy policy and brought the extremely contentious debate some much-needed solace and the media loved him for it.

Overnight, Ken Bone was the talk of Washington D.C. His face, and that now-famous sweater was plastered on every network. Bone introduced himself as an undecided voter who until that debate, was leaning towards Donald Trump. Liberals loved him for even considering Hillary Clinton and for bringing up their favored issue of climate change during the debate which wouldn’t have been otherwise.

But no more! After Bone did an Ask Me Anything on the popular site Reddit, the media decided he wasn’t going to be their favorite meme of the election season after all. During that event, Bone used a screen name he had used before when commenting on the nude pictures of actress Jennifer Lawrence that were hacked and subsequently released. He had also visited some other unsavory websites and forums. Bone also admitted to committing “felony insurance fraud” by forging documents to make it look like he had car insurance so he could keep his pizza delivery job.

But there was one sin that shook the liberal media to its core. Ken Bone dared to suggest — yes, even agreeing with a jury — that the shooting of Trayvon Martin was “justified.” And with that unforgivable sin, Bone lost his media crown. It didn’t matter that in the same sentence he called the shooter, George Zimmerman, “a big ole sh*t bird” nor that he suggested the whole affair was nothing short of tragic for all involved. The decision has been made, and Bone is guilty.

The media has chewed Ken Bone up and spit him out. Now, they are looking for the next poster boy/girl to help Hillary Clinton win. Beware whoever is next!

H/T PJ Media

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