Does Mary Landrieu even live in the state of Louisiana, the state she represents in the Senate?

Landrieu has put down two home addresses. One is in Washington, D.C. The other is her parents’ home in New Orleans.

What gives?

The Washington Post looked into the issue and found that Landrieu primarily resides in her $2.5 million home in DC.  “Here in Louisiana, however, the Democrat does not have a home of her own.”

Both Landrieu and her husband publically claim to live in DC, but Landrieu can change her tune whenever she needs to cast herself as a true Louisianan.

Several neighbors say they never see Senator Landrieu at the house.  In the words of one neighbor, “come on now.”  She’s been a Senator for 20 years now, after all.

Col. Rob Maness, who is challenging Landrieu for her Senate seat, has written to the Secretary of State raising his concerns.  “A U.S. senator shouldn’t be living with their parents,” Maness told the Washington Post. “She’s got plenty of good pay, she’s employed, but she says she’s living with her parents?” Something smells fishy.

It’s obvious that this ‘representative’ of Louisiana doesn’t even reside in the state. Maness cuts to the chase: “It’s time for one of us from the state of Louisiana to go fill this seat.”

Not only is Landrieu’s real residence a $3 million mansion in DC, she has failed to pay property taxes on it multiple times.

The Senate Conservatives Fund also revealed that Landrieu spent $47,000 of taxpayer money on private jet trips, some of which were for her campaign.

Should citizens be okay with their taxes being used to pay for campaigns? Especially for someone who doesn’t pay her own taxes? How about for a Senator who doesn’t even live in the state she claims to represent?

Is that even legal?

In other words, Landrieu has many issues – one which is a “residency problem.” See, the Constitution requires that Senators and Representatives “be an Inhabitant of that State for which he [or she] shall be chosen” (Article I, section 3). It only makes sense that in order to represent the people of a state, one needs to live among them, to know them.

The Senate Conservatives Fund released a new video this week about the topic. Watch the video, called “Mansion Mary,” below.


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