Tuesday, I had the honor of talking with Sean Hannity on his radio show about draining the swamp, the Convention of States, and the “deep state.”   It began:

HANNITY: Joining us now is Mark Meckler.  He is with the ConventionOfStates.com.  We’ve been talking to him a lot.  He’s been trying to get everyone to sign this petition on ConventionOfStates.com.  Everyone’s asking, “what do we do?” I mean, if you’ve got a plot by deep state operators to help Hillary Clinton, literally obstruct justice for Hillary Clinton, allow her to continue in a race, allow Hillary Clinton to pay for Russian lies — but you only look into Donald Trump — allowing those lies to be presented to a FISA court to get a FISA application approved so that you can spy on a Trump campaign associate and vis a vis, through that associate the entire campaign because you want one candidate to win over another…  It does make the case that a Convention of States would be a pretty good answer, because if you look at the FBI, the CIA, the NSA and all these practices, it ought to make you sick to your stomach because they are not following Constitutional principles.  Mr. Meckler, welcome back, sir.  How is this all connected?

MECKLER:  Well, what we’ve got, Sean — and you’ve been doing an incredible job of exposing it — is the “deep state” is much deeper than any of us every thought.  It’s not going to be rooted out by any one President.  I think we’ve seen conclusively that it’s not going to be rooted out by Congress, which is supposed to be providing the oversight.  The way it all ties together is — thank goodness — the Founders anticipated this, and they gave us a way in Article V to go in and put a choke hold on the federal government to restrain it and put it back into the Constitutional box.

HANNITY: Well, that is the bottom line, they have certain limits on them, we have checks and balances.  I think the greatest danger in all of this is if Hillary Clinton has one set of standards and we don’t have equal application under the law for her and  we don’t have equal application for her because she’s friends with these deep state operatives and they cover for her, rig her investigation, and allow her to continue… and we’re able to use — bought and paid for — what we now know to be lies to get FISA warrants to spy, by the way, not telling FISA judges the truth, to spy on opposition campaign… I don’t think it could get any more unconstitutional or post-constitutional than that.

MECKLER: It doesn’t and you’ve covered it.  I wish what you said was it.  But we also have McCabe apparently lying, you have Stroke and Page lying and conspiring to bring down a President to support another Presidential candidate, we obviously all kind of contradiction in Mueller’s involvement, potentially in uranium 1.  We have a long-term, deep state mess on our hands.  One of the most telling things I saw was Schumer, when Trump started attacking this whole process, Schumer was openly saying, “Look, if you mess with the FBI and the CIA, if you mess with the intelligence apparatus, they have seven ways to Sunday to get even with you.  That’s a pretty scary statement, coming from a Democratically elected representative.

Then, Hannity asked about the progress we’ve made on the Convention of States Project.

Find our my answer by watching below:

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