First, let’s get our terms straight.  I call biological males “male.”  I call biological females “female.”  Everything else is just allowing people to indulge in fantasy, wishful thinking, delusion – or some combination of all three.

When I wrote the headline that claims a male runner will compete in the USA Women’s Olympic Trials, I meant – of course — that a biological male who tells everyone he is a female (daring them to object) is going to compete against the actual women later this month. The Daily Caller reports that Megan Youngren “is set to make history on Feb. 29 as the first openly transgender athlete to compete at the U.S. Olympic marathon trials.”

Check out Megan’s quote:

“People will try to put it down by saying, ‘That’s too easy because you’re trans.’ But what about the 500 other women who will qualify?” Youngren told the magazine. “There’s probably someone with the exact same story.”

“I trained hard. I got lucky. I dodged injuries,” Youngren added. “I raced a lot, and it worked out for me. That’s the story for a lot of other people, too.”

Did you catch that?  He said that among the other 500 women who competed, “There’s probably someone with the exact same story.”  Using normal American English, he’s saying that there are probably other males-pretending-to-be-women competing as well… and he was able to (presumably) beat them.  This distinction he wears as a badge of honor. 

“See, mom?  I beat other guys!” 

Isn’t it interesting that he points out that he’s competing primarily against others “with the same story” – meaning “males?”

That’s because we all know it’s not a big deal – considering inherent biological and physical differences — for him to beat the actual girls.

Former U.S. Olympic athlete Rebecca Dussault put it best:

“Once a male body has gone through puberty, they have received the benefits. So the skeletal form, lung capacity, muscle density, the greater length of levers in their body, their muscle-to-weight ratio, their capacity to deal with dehydration much better, narrower hips, I mean you name it — they are physiologically designed differently than women,” she said. “We invest so much money into keeping sports fair, and this blows the cap off of it,” she added. “Every woman’s record in sports will fall.”

I hate this for all female athletes.  Men who compete in most women’s sports dominate due to superior size and strength. (Notice that we never women who pretend to be men participating in men’s sports. Why? Because they would get crushed due to inherent biological differences.)  

These facts are self-evident to anyone with a brain, an area of human physiology where men and women are indeed equal.

Hat Tip: DailyCaller

Image Credit: Good, Free Photos

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