Just to show you how out of control the federal bureaucracy is, an employee of over two decades at the Environmental Protection Agency just resigned in a huff over President Trump and no one has ever heard of him or knew the office he headed existed.

Mustafa Ali resigned as the chief Environmental Justice Official — an office he founded some 24 years ago. In dramatic fashion, Ali issued a three-page resignation letter explaining how moving “backwards [under Trump] didn’t make any sense.”

“I have worked with a number of administrations over the years,” Ali said. “The current administration, I have not had a conversation with them. I was not asked to brief the transition team. I have not been asked to engage with the new administrator. No one has officially said my position is not going to be continued. But sometimes you can read the writing on the walls.”

That’s because President Trump is draining the swamp by ensuring the EPA’s budget excludes the ridiculous “environmental justice office.” That’s not worthy to be anywhere near our government. When the Sierra Club announces “devastation” in losing Ali as “a dedicated public servant” then you know this is great news. The Club said:

“We heartily thank Mustafa Ali for his twenty-four years of persistent fighting to improve the lives of low-income communities and communities of color, which are at the front lines of dealing with the negative health effects of fossil fuel industry pollution and climate change. Ali elevated the environmental justice work of the EPA nationwide and fought to incorporate the struggles, accomplishments, and contributions from impacted communities in policy and practice.”

Like in Flint, Michigan where the EPA allowed poisonous, rust-brown water to flow into the homes of those very communities while it sat on its hands except when they were writing checks to Ali? Yeah, it sounds like he did noble work.

I say good riddance and continue draining, please. Trimming the fat is what’s best for this country.

“My values and priorities seem to be different than our current leadership and because of that I feel that it’s best if I take my talents elsewhere,” Ali added.

Sounds like a great idea. B’bye.

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  1. James Southern

    the EPA has overstepped it’s constitutional boundaries for more decades than this and if he was the one in charge of this then it is good riddance, The EPA DOES NTO CONSTITUTIONALLY HAVE THE RIGHT TO IMPOSE OR WRITE LAWS. THEY CAN ONLY SUGGEST LAWS AND ENFORCE THEM. but unfortunately they along with the Corp of Engineers have stolen property from private and corporate citizens for many bogus and imagined reasons for decades now. Confiscating or causing the property owners to incur so many legal fees that they are unable to use or even afford to keep their property. They have lead the charge in so called environmental laws that were not fair nor legal but meant to be nothing less than a draconian rule to take away the right of the owner and confiscate property they had no legal right to. For example some of the tenets in the wetlands laws. If it rains and a pothole forms on your property they can prevent you from raising your cattle because having a pothole qualifies that property as a wetlands. Debris washed into a drainage and causing a small pond to form after a storm because the drain system gets backed up by the debris makes the property a wetland even though in a court of law the property owner proves and wins his case the EPA and Corp of Engineers still is allowed to fine the owner hundreds of thousands of dollars a day because they used their own equipment to clear the drainage for the county because the county was not able to get to it and told the owner if he would do it they would appreciate it. And other outrageous things like this that are documented all over the country. If he was the guy in charge of this then He should be imprisoned for illegal confiscation of property, illegal use of power, unlawfully imposing fines that were inappropriate to impose, etc. Don’t forget fraud.


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