I love it when liberal activists show their true colors. Watch this incredibly rude and rambunctious crowd of liberals at a GOP rally conducted by Rep. Dave Brat, R-Va… where they actually boo God and the concept of natural rights.

A person from the audience asks him a question. “As a seminary graduate, do you believe in the separation of church and state? Would it be acceptable for you for churches to support specific candidates?”

Here’s what ensued:

Here’s what Dems don’t get. If our rights come from government, government can take them away. That is the history of humanity.

But they are emboldened because they believe they’ll get what they want. Consequently, they believe it doesn’t matter, but history is a pendulum: those who rule today are under the despots’ boot tomorrow, and vice versa…unless there are natural rights from God, inviolably protected by our Constitution.

Want to see other moments when Democrats showed exactly what they believe about God and natural law?

Well, there was that time they heckled a Christian minister who had the audacity to say a prayer at the Democratic National Convention:

But the most revealing moment was when the 2012 Democratic Platform was intentionally scrubbed of all mention of the word “God” to show that “God-Given” rights were oh-so-1776. Watch below:

Of course, how liberals think about God is between them and Him. (He’s been treated worse.) But we as Americans can’t let their aversion to natural rights to affect our system of governance.

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