NBA superstar Lebron James was blasted last week for his comments about the hero police officer who saved a girl from being stabbed to death in Columbus, Ohio. Most critics pointed out that the officer was acting to save an innocent life and did the best he could in a terrible situation.

But others noted an even deeper hypocrisy in James’ “activism”: his willingness to overlook horrible human rights abuses in China even as he criticized well-intentioned police officers here in the United States.

James might be beholden to the tyrannical dictators of the Chinese Communist Party, but I’m not. As an Asian-American of Chinese descent, I have some personal experience with the CCP that James might want to consider as he continues to ignore the true human rights atrocities committed by his business partners across the Pacific.

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As a child, my grandparents often advised me not to “poison” myself with American values. I recall listening to rants about the sickness that was the West and the glory of the totalitarian state. I was raised by communists to love China with all my heart and soul. In my household, horrendous atrocities committed by the party seldom mattered in face of the collective good.

This ideology can only be described as evil. It poses an existential threat to Western civilization more murderous than Nazi Germany.

While our own politicians, academics, and corporations trample over American values, communist China steadily militarizes across Asia and reaches into Africa and Latin America. China systematically rapes and sterilizes Uyghur Muslims in concentration camps and tortures Christians in brainwashing camps, forcing them to renounce their faith.

Where is the unified American effort against this imperial, genocidal tyranny? Why are major corporations still celebrating Chinese culture without public backlash? Where are the widespread calls for the liberation of these groups in China?

Two key issues stand in the way of unified American action, the first being our complacent left wing. Despite their incessant virtue signaling, leftists take a lax approach to genocide and persecution. During an interview on CNN, Biden dismissed the genocide of the Uyghur people as “different norms” and additionally justified Chinese actions in Hong Kong. Left leaning fact checkers went on to defend his comments.

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The second issue is Chinese history, language, and culture is alien to most Americans. Consequently, not many of us understand how the CCP operates, and we are inclined to interpret Chinese moves on the world stage as less aggressive than they are. Where the American psyche is honest and direct, China’s is cunning and indirect. The CCP will shake our hand until we collapse. If Americans wish to properly stand against this threat, we must first realize it intends to defeat us without fighting.

Instead, China covertly chips at us by injecting Confucius institutes into our education system, undermining our currency through cryptocurrency, and by funding propaganda that turns Americans against one another.

Thousands of years of Western thought underpin the unique privileges American citizens enjoy today, but at any time, we are always a generation away from losing everything. America stands as the final pillar of Western Civilization and the CCP aspires to destroy that. We must stand by our culture and way of life. Only then we can insulate ourselves against this wicked regime.

While the CCP is nefarious and persistent, American patriots–not Lebron James–can undoubtedly be trusted against it.

Amanda Carlson is an intern with the Convention of States Project, a project of Citizens for Self-Governance.