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This is what could be the death of free speech in America… and it’s happening at the “birthplace of the freespeech movement,” Berkeley, California.  The Washington Times reports:

Six people were injured, including a police officer, and 13 protesters arrested Sunday after a violent black-masked antifa mob swarmed Berkeley in order to protest a previously cancelled rally against Marxism.

“One officer was injured during an arrest and several officers were struck with paint,” said the Berkeley Police Department in a press release. “Six people were injured and treated by paramedics. Two of those individuals were transported to local hospitals for treatment.”

All in all, thirteen people were arrested, for a variety of charges including “battery, vandalism, assault with a deadly weapon and felony assault.”

Video taken in Berkeley by local news crews, including KCRA-TV in Sacramento, showed one man falling to the ground as he was beaten by black-masked protesters, and another being hit by sticks or bats.

Joey Gibson, founder of Patriot Prayer, was hit with a pole, sprayed with tear gas and struck with thrown debris as he tried to escape from an angry crowd, as shown on video taken at the protest.

Mr. Gibson, who was ultimately rescued by Berkeley police, had cancelled Patriot Prayer’s Freedom Rally, which had been scheduled for Saturday in San Francisco, saying he feared leftist protest groups like the antifa and By Any Means Necessary would turn it into a “huge riot.”

As Constitutional attorney David French wrote, the violence is threatening our way of life, “It allowed mob rule and then justified abdicating its responsibility to protect the liberty and safety of Berkeley’s citizens by claiming that it wanted ‘people to freely assemble.’ This is a sad joke. It gave control to Antifa. It empowered the heckler’s veto.”

Here’s a video of the scene, but there are many more out there that are more violent and horrific.  These new Democratic Fascists need to be stopped.  For the sake of free speech.  For the sake of this nation.

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