Rabble Books and Games, an Australian bookstore, announced Wednesday it will be banning J.K. Rowling’s books from the shelves, even those written under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith. Harry Potter books will be available upon request, but all profit will be donated to a trans support foundation. 

Why is the acclaimed author being banned? 

Because of her position on trans people.

I refuse to bow down to a movement that I believe is doing demonstrable harm in seeking to erode ‘woman’ as a political and biological class and offering cover to predators like few before it,” the author formally stated in a blog post. 

Nat Latter, The owner of the Australian store addressed the banning on Facebook, saying, “We are always trying to make Rabble a safer space for our community, and part of that is trying not to put books by transphobes on the shelves, when we know about them.”

Rowling’s recent book, “Troubled Blood,” where a serial killer dressed as a woman to lure his female victims, was the tipping point for the bookstore. Apparently, leftists believe it pushes an inaccurate stereotypes about trans people. 

Jake Kerridge, a journalist for The Telegraph, described the story as “A book whose moral seems to be: never trust a man in a dress.” However, many have come to the defense of the 900 page book, claiming Kerridge’s statements are a misrepresentation of the massive novel. 

The point of bookstores is not to hand select the authors which match the owners’ political ideology. They provide entertainment as well as representing all schools of thought. If book stores had to do a background check for every author, say goodbye to your local Barnes & Noble. 

Latter acknowledged this on her Facebook post, continuing, “Whilst stocking a book isn’t an endorsement (good grief, that would be a minefield), and we will always take orders for books that aren’t in stock, there are more worthy books to put on the shelf, books that don’t harm communities and won’t make us sad to unpack them.”

A book causing you to feel sad while unpacking?  That’s because art is powerful and has an emotional affect on you. Censoring her book takes money away from an author whose only crime was recognizing the biological reality of gender. (I mean if gender is a mental state then isn’t my perception of a trans person’s gender just as valid as their view of it?)

This book also does not insult trans people, it only has a cross dresser in it. Seems like the only people pointing fingers is the trans community. 

I have previously written in defense of Rowling. She has stood her ground against the mob even while receiving threats and losing money over it. If this precedent continues, bookstores will only be allowed to sell the latest Hillary Clinton book. 

That is not a world anybody in their right mind would want to live in. 

Hat Tip: Pink News, The Telegraph, The Critic

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