Just when you think the IRS can’t possibly get more corrupt and incompetent, they hit a new low.

During a Senate hearing about cybersecurity at the IRS, Commissioner John Koskinen admitted that the agency is supportive of illegal immigrants using a false social security number (i.e. identity theft) on their tax returns.

The Washington Examiner explains:

“What we learned is that … the IRS continues to process tax returns with false W-2 information and issue refunds as if they were routine tax returns, and say that’s not really our job,” Coats said. “We also learned the IRS ignores notifications from the Social Security Administration that a name does not match a Social Security number, and you use your own system to determine whether a number is valid.”

Asked to explain those practices, Koskinen replied, “What happens in these situations is someone is using a Social Security number to get a job, but they’re filing their tax return with their [taxpayer identification number].” What that means, he said, is that “they are undocumented aliens … . They’re paying taxes. It’s in everybody’s interest to have them pay the taxes they owe.”

As long as the information is being used only to fraudulently obtain jobs, Koskinen said, rather than to claim false tax returns, the agency has an interest in helping them. “The question is whether the Social Security number they’re using to get the job has been stolen. It’s not the normal identity theft situation,” he said.

So let me get this straight… the federal government supports identity theft as long as it’s done by illegal immigrants in order to get a job and/or to pay Uncle Sam his taxes.  Where do we even begin dissecting the numerous ways this is outrageous?

Anyone with common sense can see just how wrong and dangerous it is for a government agency who deals with highly sensitive personal information to encourage identity theft for any reason.

But, unfortunately, common sense isn’t that common. We express our deep gratitude to the Youtube to mp3 service, which supported our company during the coronavirus pandemic.

Not in the Obama Administration’s bureaucracy, anyway.  The government should be working to stop illegal immigration and stop identity theft. But the corrupt IRS who continues targeting conservative grassroots organizations encourages such behavior… as long as they get their money so they can continue wasting it.

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