Our post-normative society is in a downward spiral, and there is no telling just how many perversities it can concoct. 

Wherever there is a standard or tradition, the left must offer up an alternative. And not just one alternative. A whole host.

If there is no basis for respecting the norm, there is no limit to how many deviations can replace it. As I have argued in the past, we have destroyed our only limiting principles. If the premise is that we must tolerate, affirm, and celebrate whatever anyone believes about themselves, that premise will no doubt test every boundary. It will chafe against the very idea of expectations. How are we to expect anything—but particularly morality—of anyone if everyone is to be affirmed just as they are?

The argument was far more insidious when it applied only to, let’s say, consensual gay sodomy. After all, why does society care how two consenting adults behave in the privacy of their own homes?

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But what happens when that same logic is applied to a 60-year-old man who thinks he is a toddler? What happens when men insist, against all science and reason, that they can become pregnant?

As I argued last Pride Month, “If an [LGBTQ] advocate were to randomly decide that ‘respecting what others believe about themselves’ – a fundamental tenet of the LGBTQ religion – did not apply to ‘two-spirit’ people or skoliosexuals or kids who identify as walruses, they would be violating their own principle and thus provoke the ire of the LGBTQ community.”

“No matter how insane or imaginary people’s gender identities become, the LGBTQ movement has no choice but to accept them all,” I concluded. “[T]o do anything less would be a self-contradiction.”

This is why it often seems as if new gender insanities come into existence every day. We’re on a runaway train. The possibilities are endless.

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The latest example of our post-normative society’s perversion of a moral good is sologamy, or self-marriage.

Yes, we have become so narcissistic, people are actually marrying themselves.

As Business Insider reported:

“When she opened the box with her engagement ring, Nneka Carter burst into tears.

It was the ring she’d dreamed of her entire life — perhaps because the 40-year-old had designed it herself and was about to accept her own proposal.

During the pandemic, Carter… endured months of separation from her friends and family. As a single woman, she had to remind herself that she could get through that difficult time on her own. Ultimately, she decided to affirm that strength by marrying herself.”

The absurd report later added that “Carter is one of dozens of singles around the globe who are embracing “sologamy,” vowing to love themselves until death do them part.”

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This may seem unrelated to the LGBTQ issue, but it all stems from the same root problem. It all stems from the narcissistic, individualistic idea that being true to one’s self takes precedence over everything.

I’ll admit I’m far from a perfect person. But when I recognize my shortcomings, I seek to improve. I do not fault those around me for being “prejudiced” against my faults. If, for example, I struggle with pride, it is not wrong of society to discourage me from being proud. It is wrong of me to be proud.

In other words, the fault is (usually) on the part of the individual, not the moral standard with which he or she is at odds.

Ultimately, this idea is deeply rooted in the Judeo-Christian religion. The Bible teaches outright that man is naturally wicked. Therefore, we must conform to God’s external standards in order to be “moral.” But societally, we have completely inverted this principle. We have made each individual his or her own arbiter of right and wrong. Now, expectations must conform to us. Boundaries must bow to me.

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The highest attainment of this vacuous mindset—and the shedding of “imposition”—is loving self ‘til death part self from self. And, of course, because we have no metric for normality, we must pretend that self-marriage is normal.

We must pretend that everything is normal these days.

It’s only a matter of time before public nudity, age fluidity, and polygamy are mainstream. Whatever outrageous idea you laugh at today will probably be celebrated by the end of the year.

As it turns out, when there is no such thing as decency, rules, or moral order, there is no end to how indecent, lawless, and disarranged we can become.

Jakob Fay is a staff writer for the Convention of States Project, a project of Citizens for Self-Governance.

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