Ever asked someone if they have a carry permit and they respond, “Yep.  It’s called the Constitution.”
Well, that sentiment is exactly right, even though states vary in how they restrict the liberty of gun owners. However, thanks to a great group of tenacious Americans, people who live in Idaho or West Virginia can now carry a gun without a permit…  even though people like Michael Bloomberg tried their hardest to prevent it.
Breitbart News shares the details:
“For all the talk about Bloomberg’s billions, Daddy Warbucks had his lunch handed to him in Idaho and West Virginia,” GOA’s Erich Pratt told Breitbart News. “Kudos to grassroots gun owners in both states for picking up their phones and calling their legislators. Gun rights activists demonstrated once again that when politicians feel the heat, they see the light.”
GOA backed the efforts to abolish permit requirements in both states. They won by joining forces with the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance to overcome Bloomberg’s relentless efforts against the permitless carry provision.  GOA wrote: 
The victory in Idaho was especially gratifying, as residents ignored the thousands upon thousands of dollars of advertising that Michael Bloomberg was pouring into the state. Bloomberg bought several ads — encouraging people to call Governor Butch Otter in opposition to Constitutional Carry.
Initially, the calls were running 5-1 against the GOA-backed bill, although it appeared that many of the anti-gun calls were coming from out-of-state. Gun Owners of America responded by joining the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance (ISSA) in encouraging phone calls into the Governor’s office — and the ratio soon improved to a 50-50 split.
The GOA knew there were very few legislators willing to fight for them. Instead of backing down in defeat, they combined their voices and spoke more loudly and more persuasively.
A great example of self-governance in action.