CSG Mission

Self-governance must be restored across America.  Citizens for Self-Governance (CSG) will elevate awareness and provide resources, advocacy, and education to grassroots organizations and individuals exercising their rights to govern themselves.

CSG Vision

A government where our American heritage of self-governance is restored.

What is Self-Governance?

The United States of America was created by self-governing citizens. The main purpose of government is to protect the citizen’s natural rights to Life, Liberty and Property. The federal government should only act where we, the people, have intentionally granted authority. Self-governance ensures that citizens control the selection and accountability of elected officials and governmental administrations. Self-governance is our answer to the most basic question: “Who Decides?”

Who Decides?

In a self-governing society, decisions are made as close to home as possible, optimally by the individual, the family, or the community.  Thousands of grassroots organizations across our nation are fighting the battle over “Who Decides”.

Our Plan

CSG has embarked on an ambitious plan to support those warriors fighting against entrenched power in our grassroots. We will amplify and connect these warriors in order to take power away from big government and the big money that influences it…and return the power to its rightful owners, the people.

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Our platform is a simple one.  Just as each branch of government checks and balances the power of others, our Four Pillars of Self-Governance will enable the conservative grassroots to restore our country to a republic with effective self-governance.  SIDE with CSG in making these four pillars a reality:

Shared values   —   Incumbent accountability   —   Dispersed power   —   Engaged citizens

For more information on our Four Pillars, click here.

Our mission and vision are ambitious, but must be fulfilled.  In order to do that, the grassroots must be in the town hall, the public square, or the village green to gather Americans who hunger to regain control of their government and their lives.  Citizens for Self-Governance is committed to helping the grassroots grow accomplish this mission.  To view our brochure that fully describes our organization and our pillars, click here.  Please share it with others!