Last week during his State of the Union address, President Joe Biden introduced a new slogan to Americans: “Building A Better America.”

The new slogan appears to be the rebranding of the administration’s original Build Back Better legislation, a social spending package Biden campaigned on that has failed to pass Congress thus far.

“Instead of relying on foreign supply chains, let’s make it in America. Economists call it ‘increasing the productive capacity of our economy.’ I call it building a better America,” Biden said during his speech. 

In terms of optics, the original BBB has developed into a globalist initiative coming out of the COVID-19 lockdowns, and the phrase has been used word-for-word by many progressive politicians around the world.

In a compilation video, many leaders around the world have been seen repeating the standardized phrase, which was actually first said by Bill Clinton in 2005 at a United Nations meeting. 

“Because we can only build back better if we lean on one another,” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said amid the pandemic lockdowns. 

“We owe it to future generations to build back better and base our recovery on solid foundations,” Prime Minister Boris Johnson also stated. 

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Most recently, however, our leaders in America have begun the shift from wanting to “build back” to wanting to just build better. Now, they’re openly admitting that we will never go back to where we were before the virus – or government – took hold of our lives. 

Of course, when it comes to building, Biden has no intention of building a wall to better America or building the economy to offer better jobs: he only intends to build the federal government to a whole new level.

Now, we’re supposed to hop on the “build better” bandwagon and forget about the liberties that were taken away from us so swiftly through the three years of Covid. Just stay obedient and trust the plan. It’ll be better anyways, right?

Americans resonated with President Trump’s Make America Great Again phrase because they believed he meant what he said. America has fallen from its former glory, and Trump wanted to do something different than previous administrations.

They have no such confidence in Biden. They know he’s selling his “Build A Better America” ideas to the swamp, but not the rest of America. His goal, like most presidents before him, is to empower the federal government to control even more areas of our lives.

I’ll take MAGA over BABA any day of the week.

Silence Dogood, who writes under Benjamin Franklin’s famous pseudonym, is an intern with the Convention of States Project.

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