When you’re selling a used car, what’s the best way to get the price you want? Start high. If you want to sell your car for $1000, ask for $1,200. That way, you have some wiggle room on the price, and the buyer feels like he’s getting a deal.

As the used car salesmen of the political world, Democrats run circles around Republicans in most legislative negotiations. That trend is holding true on the newest “bipartisan” infrastructure deal currently being hammered about by the swamp monsters in D.C.

The Democrats started negotiations by proposing a monster $2.7 trillion infrastructure package chock full of leftist priorities. Little of its content had anything to do with “infrastructure,” but Democrats have never turned up their nose at a little pork.

Republicans balked, supposedly because we’ve already blown out the federal budget, and all that spending has caused inflation to spike. But since the Dems started at $2.7 trillion, the supposedly more moderate Republican counteroffer still clocks in at nearly $1 trillion.

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This “compromise” package passed its first hurdle in the Senate, which means it stands a great chance of becoming law. But it still costs $1 trillion, including $550 billion in brand new spending courtesy of the hardworking American taxpayers.

Just two years ago, these numbers would have been nearly unthinkable. Infrastructure may need a modicum of federal attention, but dropping $1 trillion in a single bill was unheard-of. Now, thanks to the new COVID-19 spending standards and crafty Democratic salesmanship, we’re looking at another $1 trillion in spending.

Our “leaders” in D.C. are proposing this bill during the spendiest 18 months in our nation’s history. The COVID-19 bills already blew out the budget. Biden’s disastrous COVID “relief” package has sent our country spiraling into a pit of inflation, and his ridiculous $6 trillion budget proves he has no plans to slow down.

The American people can blame the spinelessness and stupidity of Republicans for the entire situation. We all know what the Democrats want. Aliens on the dark side of the moon know what Democrats want. They aren’t hiding the ball. They want to make We the People dependent on the federal government. From food to water to healthcare to “roads and bridges,” everything in life should be granted at the behest of the experts in D.C. who “know better,” according to these leftist totalitarians.

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Here’s the worst part: Democrats will get what they want while making Republicans believe this is a victory for conservatives. Mark my words, when this bill passes, you’ll see Republicans crowing about how they can “get things done” and “deliver for their constituents.” No one will ask the all-important question, should the federal government be the ones dictating our nation’s infrastructure? Instead, these big-government “conservatives” will try to convince us they’re pulled a fast one on the left.

Meanwhile, the Democrats will be laughing behind their hands, plotting their next massive spending bill. Unless Republicans can wake up and make the tough political decisions, Democrats will continue to run laps around their colleagues across the aisle.

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