If you need more evidence that Big Tech is colluding with Big Government to destroy free speech, here you go.

I host a weekly online show called The BattleCry. I consider the nation’s top stories from the perspective of the American grassroots, and I cover the latest Convention of States updates from our state teams. Since the COVID-19 vaccine and Dr. Anthony Fauci have been in the news quite a bit recently, I’ve been offering my take on what everyday Americans believe about our country’s greatest doctor.

Here’s what I said (in part):

What is going on with Fauci? I think that Fauci has lost his mind. This guy’s not a public servant. This guy’s acting like a king.

You know that Dr. Fauci said, “Don’t wear masks.” And then he says that he never said not to wear masks. Or you know he said to wear masks, but now he’s saying not to wear masks. Or you know he said masks were effective, but now he says he never said masks are effective. 

This is all evidence of gaslighting.

I then rolled a series of clips showing exactly the kind of gaslighting I’d been describing. For the last 18 months, Dr. Fauci has contradicted himself time and again, and those contradictions are on the public record. They’re there for everyone to see. I was just highlighting Fauci’s insane inconsistency.

As I said in my show, the guy’s an idiot. He’s dishonest. There’s no question about this. Those are the facts, and we have the video to prove it.

For that grave sin, YouTube took down my show because they claim that I violated their “medical misinformation policy.”

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But I never said anything untrue. I told my viewers that I don’t wear a mask and haven’t gotten the vaccine, but I said they should do whatever they think is best. I even clarified explicitly that I’m not anti-vax.

Now our entire Convention of States YouTube channel has received a strike. With enough strikes, YouTube will take down our channel, including all the videos that do nothing but educate viewers about Article V of the Constitution.

When an American citizen is no longer free to criticize unelected public health officials, we have a free speech problem in our country. I know YouTube is a private company. They can make whatever policies they want, violate their own policies, and remove content just because they don’t agree with it. None of this technically violates the First Amendment.

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But when Big Tech companies are so in bed with the federal government that they act in lockstep, Americans should be deeply troubled. As I pointed out in the Washington Times, President Trump’s lawsuit against Silicon Valley has legal merit for precisely this reason.

When YouTube and their parent company, Google, control such a large percentage of our country’s information and act as government agents, We the People may very well have a First Amendment case. When they act for no other reason than to protect the reputation of Washington’s highest paid employee, there’s almost no distinction between Big Tech and Big Government.

The courts will eventually decide that issue. Until then, what can Americans do to access the truth? They can start by joining alternative social media sites like Parler, MeWe, and Rumble. Right now, these platforms are relatively small. But if Big Tech continues is totalitarian campaign, you can bet that freedom-loving Americans will look elsewhere.

If you ask me, that transition should start now.

Here’s the show that got taken down.

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