This is just rich.

Last week, the nation waited with bated breath to find out whom President Donald Trump would select to replace retiring Justice Kennedy.  Many names of reputable justices were tossed around.  Speculation was high.

Of all the names offered as possibilities, none were even remotely questionable.  Trump simply had to select from many talented options.

Campus Reform sent a reporter to what looks like New York University to talk to students about Trump’s pick.  The kicker?  The reporter was sent before Trump actually made his selection.

The students explained that they would never automatically denounce a selection without even knowing whom they were denouncing were indignant and offended.

Trump, they said, had picked a racist.  Trump, they said, was too bigoted to pick someone who “looked like me.”

In one entertaining interview, the reporter asked a couple of girls if they were a fan of Trump’s pick.  (Remember, no pick yet.)  One said she was not, because of his incredible racism.  “He’s not practicing the equality that we need to see.  It’s insulting.”  She also predicted he “wouldn’t last.”  Not sure what that means, since the Supreme Court is a lifetime appointment.  Was she suggesting some sort of hit?

Another student said that he and his dad discussed Trump’s decision and neither were a fan of the choice.

One African American student said Trump didn’t select his justice based on the qualities he would prefer.  When pressed, the student listed his qualifications.  He would’ve appointed a “black woman.”

Why a black woman? The reporter asked, “Isn’t it bad to appoint someone based on the color of their skin?”

The student assured him that he didn’t just pick “black women” out of the air.  Rather, he selected them because they were the only people who didn’t support Trump.


Others said that Trump should’ve listened to minorities.

Are you sensing a pattern?

As John Hinderaker wrote, “It is hard to fully appreciate the invincible wall of ignorance against which we conservatives are contending.”

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