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The agenda machine at CNN has reached the bottom of the barrel in its critique of all things Donald Trump. When you spend two minutes of expensive air time to analyze the deeper meanings of Trump’s use of stairs, it might be time to reassess your credibility.

On a recent New Day on CNN, an entire segment was devoted to conspiracy theories birthed by the British press and Vanity Fair that the president suffers from bathmophobia — the fear of ramps and stairs.

Over a montage of videos showing a 70-year-old President Trump ascending and descending stairs carefully (as he should), the voiceover of CNN’s Jeanne Moos reminds that bathmopobia is common among dogs.

“Ever since first hearing about the phobia rumor, I’ve become slightly obsessed with watching President Trump watch his step,” Moos proclaimed.

Remember when Hillary Clinton was tripping and failing all over the campaign trail? Remember when CNN expressed its concern about her well being? Me neither.

Then CNN compared Trump’s elderly gait to that of a spritely Barack Obama who could easily jog the long flight of stairs coming down from Air Force One with a pep in his step. Well, that’s a real fair comparison.

And the worst part is, the White House has to waste time on these sorts of ridiculous questions. Thankfully when they were asked if Trump is frightened by staircases, they set the press straight: “No offense, but this is an absurd question.”

But it wasn’t just the stairs CNN were concerned over. What about that “mystery hand clutch” the president had with British Prime Minister Theresa May back in January? A video plays showing the two leaders descending a *super scary* ramp at the White House. Could it be that Trump was so scared to walk, he had to grasp the hand of an older woman to steady himself? CNN wanted to find out. But May herself interpreted it like any normal person would:

“I think he was actually being a gentleman. We were about to walk down a ramp, and he said it might be a bit awkward.”

But being a gentleman is actually sexism to modern liberals, so that excuse won’t do.

This is your national press, ladies and gentlemen. And what a sad state it is in.

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