I like Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Not because I agree with her on policy, philosophy, or religion. Not because I trust her or think she’s a good person. I like AOC because she reveals the dark, insane, radical heart of the Democratic party.

Most Democratic politicians have more good sense than AOC—or, at least, they’re better at their jobs. They know that if they call women “menstruating people” once, they have to stick with that terminology. If they flip-flop between “menstruating people,” “people who give birth,” and “women,” they run the risk of giving the lie to the entire project.

And if they use all those terms in the same interview, they just look like idiots.

Here’s another thing I like about AOC: her Twitter feed. It’s like a window into the id of radical progressives.

Rather than just let her disastrous CNN interview fade into the vortex of the media circus, she resurrected her comments to clarify her stance. In the process, she revealed that she and her progressive friends are even more insane than we realized.

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“Two-spirit” people? I thought the Democrats were the party of “science”? I thought they didn’t believe in the “fairy tales” of the spiritual world?

I guess that’s only true as long as it fits their agenda. If they think they can buy votes by appealing to the tiny percentage of transgender people in America—and the non-trans people who support them—they’re happy to talk about “spirits” and non-material gender feelings all day.

Ironically, this kind of pandering is causing increasing consternation among the members of a longtime Democratic base. Feminists aren’t crazy about transgenderism, to put it mildly. Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling was nearly cancelled after she criticized the transgender ideologues for exactly this kind of terminology.

AOC received similar responses to her comments. A pro-abortion group in Texas rejected the “birthing people” term to point out that women “are the ONLY group of humans who ever need an abortion.”

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I joke about this topic because I think ridiculous ideas deserve to be ridiculed. But the confusion AOC’s rhetoric sows isn’t a laughing matter.

Abigail Shrier uncovered in 2020 the disturbing trend among American teenagers to declare themselves “transgender,” calling it a “craze” that is “seducing our daughters.” Young women are mutilating their bodies and causing permanent damage thanks to the AOC’s of the world. They’re believing the lie that their bodies don’t matter and that their “spirits” (whether one or multiple) are the only “real” version of themselves.

Thanks in part to radical idiots like AOC, these ideologies can no longer hide in the shadows. They’re being tweeted out to millions of people, where their insanity is apparent to anyone willing to look.

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