As far as I have seen, no one has yet been able to answer what incited last weekend’s unhinged “Teen Takeover.” Apparently, in 2023, it’s perfectly normal for mobs of young people to take to the streets, rioting, looting, and firing guns in public for no particular reason at all.

For those who don’t know, that’s exactly what happened in Chicago last Saturday.

Local youth turned out en masse for a night of senseless violence and idiocy. Crowds ran mindlessly through the streets and traffic. Car windows were smashed. Innocent bystanders were beaten and robbed. At least three underage boys were shot.

In one horrific incident, a visiting couple’s car was attacked by an unprovoked mob that smashed the windshield and reportedly beat the driver.

“We’re so scared right now,” his wife told reporters. “We don’t want to step out of the house.”

Unfortunately, she and her husband weren’t the only ones attacked.

Another video shows the wild rabble — again unprovoked — hounding a young, terrified woman, eventually beating her to the ground. According to one report, she was “struck… several times” before her attackers robbed her and fled. A video of the brutal attack has circulated on social media.

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As images of the horrific night take the internet by storm, inducing BLM-PTSD, Americans are left scratching their heads.

What caused the riots?

And perhaps more importantly, how did we devolve into such a place where masses deem lawless asininity an appropriate response to, well… anything?

Disgustingly — but not surprisingly — many on the left have already begun defending Saturday’s anarchic rebels.

“I would look at the behavior of young people as a political act and statement. It’s a mass protest against poverty and segregation,” tweeted Illinois state senator Robert Peters of the riot. (Nothing says “end poverty and segregation” quite like smashing cars and shooting teen boys!) Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson, who will replace the disgraced Lori Lightfoot next month, condemned the violence but advised against “demonizing” the perpetrators.

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No one seems willing to get to the real heart of the matter. No one, that is, except for one random resident who happened to be interviewed by Fox.

“I’m appalled at what I see,” she said. I’m from Chicago, and I understand kids having a good time. But this is simply bad parenting. We have to do better as parents. Our kids should not be out here. Where are their parents at? That’s my question.”

It really is as simple as that.

The left has successfully collapsed the family and in the wake of bad parenting, lawlessness reigns supreme. Shocking statistics reveal that “more than 70% of black children have been born to unmarried mothers in Chicago” since 1980. Seventy percent! “Meanwhile, 56.7% of Latino children in Chicago were born out of wedlock — a remarkably high number in its own right. Meanwhile, just 12.5% of white children in the Windy City are born to single mothers, and even fewer Asians are born in that situation.”

“Perhaps it is no surprise then that Asians are the most likely demographic to do better in school and graduate high school,” one writer notes. “Whites follow, then Latinos, and black Chicagoans are least likely to graduate high school.”

So “bad parenting,” at least statistically, can be boiled down to fatherless parenting. Kids raised in fatherless homes — circumstantial evidence would suggest — do not learn discipline. They then take to the streets and make the whole city pay for a problem that could have been solved in the home.

Of course, that’s where the solution to all our nation’s woes begins: the home. Not through another government program. And certainly not with soft-on-crime politics. If cities like Chicago have any hope of rebuilding, their families must first be rebuilt.