Our nation’s politics have never been crazier. On the Republican side, a former Democrat, reality TV-starring real estate tycoon seems to be running away with the nomination while two young senators vie to stop him and become the first Hispanic President in U.S. history. As for the Democrats, Hillary Clinton seems to be making her way toward her long-awaited coronation to become our first female President.

Assuming she doesn’t get indicted first.

That’s right, despite the Hillary campaign’s insistence that she never mishandled classified or top secret national security information on her private e-mail server, every report on the DOJ and FBI investigation spells worse and worse news for the candidate.

But how can there have been no classified e-mails on her private server? With the final batch of e-mails released from the State Department—only because patriots took them to federal court to force their timely release—we now know that at least 2,080 e-mails contained classified information. And that doesn’t even take into consideration the e-mails she deleted which she claims were personal. There has still been no accountability for that.

These e-mails discussed North Korea’s nuclear program and the CIA drone program.

And they just sat on a private e-mail server, unprotected, vulnerable to hackers.

Once again, Hillary seems to have put her political ambitions above our nation’s security. How does she get away with this? Is this really our nation where laws rule instead of men and women? It sure doesn’t feel like it is.

As she marches towards the Democratic nomination for President, the FBI has given immunity to one of the top State Department aides who set up Hillary’s private e-mail server. He was a political appointee whose hiring had to be cleared by the White House, and he had previously invoked his Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination. He also worked on Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign.

In other words, he seems like he’s been afraid that he’d be the bureaucrat thrown under the bus by Hillary on her march to the White House. But now, the FBI seems ready to protect him. By giving him immunity, he will be forced to honestly answer questions in the investigation – what did Hillary tell him and when did she tell him? Why was the private server set up?

Unfortunately for the American people, we can’t trust any of these people. We don’t know what is a real investigation and what is a sham investigation to distract the American people.

This is why the American people must take their country back. No matter who our next President is, the federal bureaucracy will continue to be out of control. The federal judiciary will continue to rewrite the Constitution. Congress will continue to cowardly refuse to do its constitutional duties.

Both political parties will use the power of government to punish its opponents, squelching our freedoms and liberty every step along the way. This is why we need the Article V Convention of States so the American people can propose amendments to the U.S. Constitution that protect our liberty and freedom, and remind our politicians that they work for us. When they forget this, our men and women in uniform are put in danger by a Secretary of State more concerned about her e-mail privacy than their lives and our national security. When they forget this, our money is stolen from us. When they forget this, our government breaks and our republic begins to collapse.

It’s not too late, but it could be soon. We must act, before Hillary throws the entire nation under the bus on her rise to power.

This article also published at Town Hall.

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