Do you care about transgendered people?  If so, you might want to learn as much about this (relatively new) phenomenon, right?

Apparently, wrong.

Brown University is suppressing a new study because it posits that pubescent onset of gender dysphoria might not be to some biologically enigmatic gender confusion.  Instead, it might be just peer pressure and internet influence.  The study, conducted by Brown assistant professor of behavioral and social sciences Lisa Littman, does not go along with the narrative that transgendered activists want to push down the throats of America’s children.  After she published the study, Brown removed news about her research from its website. TownHall has the details:

Littman’s research on “rapid onset gender dysphoria” was published last month in the highly regarded, peer-reviewed scientific journal PLOS ONE. Parental observations served as the primary basis for the study, which explored situations where “one, multiple, or even all of the friends [in a friend group] have become gender dysphoric and transgender-identified during the same timeframe.”

Littman focused on adolescents and young people, hadn’t been unhappy with their gender before announcing they suddenly wanted to make this very dramatic, unnatural, sometimes permanent change:

Littman’s research explores the connection between these children, and whether or not watching YouTube sex-change videos, hanging out in online venues such as Reddit or Tumblr, and spending time with other transgender young people contributed to a sudden decision to adopt an alternate sexual identity. The results seem to indicate that this is, indeed, the case–over 60% of parents surveyed reported that YouTube and Tumblr influenced their kids to be transgender, and upwards of 40% of parents believe that friends both in real life and online also played a role.

The anti-science left strikes again. 

“Ban science” they always cry, when it doesn’t suit their social engineering narrative.  In this case, their obfuscation of the truth will potentially hurt young people, both physically and mentally. 

This is nothing short of evil.

If Brown really cared about transgenderism’s victims instead of its activists, they wouldn’t be trying to hide this valuable study.

Hat Tip: TownHall

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