Great Britain, once the seat of western civilization, is now completely off the rails and headed deep into the sewer of government enforced political correctness.  The government has “banned” gender stereotypes in advertising, to protect the masses from “wrongthink.”  

From now on, Brits won’t see ads that include this sort of “offensive” material:

  • An ad that depicts a man with his feet up and family members creating mess around a home while a woman is solely responsible for cleaning up the mess.
  • An ad that depicts a man or a woman failing to achieve a task specifically because of their gender e.g. a man’s inability to change nappies; a woman’s inability to park a car.
  • Where an ad features a person with a physique that does not match an ideal stereotypically associated with their gender, the ad should not imply that their physique is a significant reason for them not being successful, for example in their romantic or social lives.
  • An ad that seeks to emphasise the contrast between a boy’s stereotypical personality (e.g. daring) with a girl’s stereotypical personality (e.g. caring) needs to be handled with care.
  • An ad aimed at new mums which suggests that looking attractive or keeping a home pristine is a priority over other factors such as their emotional wellbeing.
  • An ad that belittles a man for carrying out stereotypically ‘female’ roles or tasks.

Why is this happening, exactly?  Advertising Standards Authority Chief Executive Guy Parker explained.

“Our evidence shows how harmful gender stereotypes in ads can contribute to inequality in society, with costs for all of us. Put simply, we found that some portrayals in ads can, over time, play a part in limiting people’s potential,” he said.  “It’s in the interests of women and men, our economy and society that advertisers steer clear of these outdated portrayals, and we’re pleased with how the industry has already begun to respond.”

I can’t believe that the same nation which gave us Monty Python is now doing this.  Next, they’ll probably outlaw comedy.

By the way, I thought gender was a social construct. Now, they’re basing this new ban on heteronormative gender stereotypes and the actual sex of the actors or actresses in an ad?  The horror! 

Lucas Wint had a great suggestion on Twitter: “Skit Idea: A guy who identifies as a girl pretends he/she is unable to park but accidentally does a beautiful job.”  

Well, that would blow those Brits’ minds.

Here’s another dea: let customers decide. If a business creates an ad campaign that customers deem offensive, then the customers can vote with their wallets. No bans necessary.

Here’s the thing.  Many stereotypes exist for a reason: namely, because they are based in reality.  But as Britain bans truth, Americans are happier than ever about 1776.  

July 4this coming – and now we have even more reason to celebrate.

Hat Tip: RedState

Image Credit: Pixabay

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