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This is horrific in so many ways.  A mentally disturbed white man committed suicide by hanging in a park.  On Tuesday morning, Davion Gatlin walked past the grisly scene and took a photo. Naturally, he thought the right thing to do was to share it to social media and make it into a race issue.

Except, he got the ethnicity wrong.

“[W]e ride pass the park around 6 a.m. and witness a brother hanging dead from a tree!” Gatlin wrote, according to the Washington Times. “They still killing us and we still killing each other! #MakeGoViral.”

When Gatlin called him a “brother,” people assumed it was a black person.  Of course, people shared his post and then the Black Lives Matter groups said the “black man’s” hands were tied behind his back by cops and he’d been “lynched.”

Well, that escalated quickly.  So what is a very personal tragedy for this man’s family suddenly turned into a national racial issue. “To me, hearing about it on Facebook was so devastating,” the man’s sister said. “This isn’t something to be shared in such a tragic way. He should be remembered for what a great man he was.” According to The Blaze:

St. Paul police issued a statement on Facebook asking those who’ve posted the graphic photos of Bringle to take them down.

“Instead of mourning, his family members had to spend part of their day worrying about a photo posted on Facebook of him hanging from a tree and correcting misinformation about his death,” the statement said.

To their credit, the BLM page did take down the inaccurate and inflammatory post and apologized:

They wrote:

We would like to apologize to the family of Micheal Bringle for sharing those photos & also retract our statements regarding what happened this morning. As more information came out & Mr.Bringle’s family came forward it became clear that this was an unfortunate incident caused by mental illness. We are sorry if our post offended anyone & hope that folks see we were simply echoing the questions and concerns that community members had.

We will absolutely respect the family’s wishes and take down the initial post, our hearts are with them at this time.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline-
The Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources for you or your loved ones.


Maybe the national Black Lives Matter groups can learn a lesson from the St. Paul chapter and relax with all the race baiting.

Image Source: St. Paul police screenshot

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