If the youth are our future, then the future is bleak.

All Americans are familiar with the destruction of values taking place in the university system, but it is only a matter of time before we face the consequences of the ivory tower’s corruption. A new check against the government is utterly essential in preventing this. Here’s why.

Our collective values are dissolving where they should be most strongly upheld, and not through intellectual challenges but through fear and intimidation. As a student at UC Berkeley, I witness rampant, anti-western indoctrination on a near-daily basis. It is engrained in the culture of modern university through violence, lectures, or the covert mob within the student body.

A jarring example of this behavior occurred when Anne Coulter was invited to speak at Berkeley. Student protesters attempted to halt the event through violence, going so far as to assault an elderly attendee until he was sent to the hospital. When the Berkeley College Republicans arrived on campus, students blocked their entry, forcing them to climb over barricades to attend their own event.

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In lectures, professors in the humanities often speak of western civilization as a thorn in history, denouncing its values and achievements. Furthermore, the student body polices itself by ostracizing those with differing views through shame and social media posts that “call out” peers who think differently.

The significance of this pattern can be observed in history. One of the earliest reforms enacted by the Chinese Communist Party reinvented education, as Mao Zedong understood the power behind capturing the minds of the youth. The CCP slowly replaced traditional texts with their own. Radical youths massacred their elders as Red Guards in order to snuff out any cultural remnants of their three-thousand-year-old civilization.

With that in mind, sympathy towards the destruction of free speech, religion, and traditional values in institutions like Berkeley is even more chilling—especially when there is no shortage of hatred driving these student actors to political movement.

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As the Constitution continues to fade into obscurity in the minds of our legislators, this cultural shift becomes even more dangerous to our free society. It is not hard to imagine these ideological waves taking root in law, which would eventually begin to reflect the censorship and violence seen in universities.

An Article V Convention of States would strip radicals of the ability to dramatically alter our way of life by proposing constitutional amendments that limit the power, scope, and jurisdiction of the federal government. It may not address the shift in culture amongst the youth, but it would prevent the tyranny that would otherwise result from it. Additionally, it would empower individuals to detach themselves from the coercive values of dependency and partisanship, which have been injected into our lives by the federal government.

Our duty as Americans is to ensure tyranny of this nature never gains the opportunity to take hold. We must preserve ourselves as the greatest pillar of western civilization in the modern day. We must do everything in our power to call a Convention of States.