Are transgender polices harmful to children? Are they unfair or unequal? According to their most ardent supporters, the answer is, “no.”

Ever since the issue of transgender bathroom access exploded onto the national scene in 2017, much ink has been spilled dismissing fears over transgender policies as “anti-trans” or “right-wing scare tactics.”

Of course, when I say “transgender policy,” I am referring to any policy or legislation that would permit someone to use a gender-specific facility or participate in a gender-specific activity based not on their biological sex but on their gender identity. Not only are we told that to allow this is perfectly safe and reasonable, we are further told that to not allow it is actually harmful and discriminatory.

This past week, however, has been inundated with horrific stories that seem to suggest the exact opposite is true.

For example, the Daily Wire reported that “[a]n Orange County, California, school district organized a science camp for fifth-grade girls, where they stayed in cabins for three nights with…men who ‘identified’ as non-binary.”

“It’s awful that children had to even experience this in fifth-grade camp,” said one parent. “If I was aware of it and I had initialed something saying this was going to be done at this outdoor science camp, I would have kept my children home.” The director of the camp confirmed that, “[p]er California law, we place staff in cabins they identify with.”

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There once was a time when the disclosure that California law allowed or even required something like this would have resulted in a national public outcry. No doubt, some would have accused these “non-binary” men of child grooming and an investigation into the school almost certainly would have been launched.

Today, however, this abhorrent story has received hardly any attention at all. Whatever the reason may be, Americans have turned a blind eye to the truth that sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) laws have created a reality in which sickening incidents, like this one, are very much a possibility.

And unfortunately, this is not the only story this week that proves that.

According to Fox News, in 2014, James Tubbs, a biological male who identified as a man, walked into a woman’s bathroom, grabbed a 10-year-old girl by her throat, locked her in a stall and molested her until someone else entered the restroom. He was two weeks short of turning 18 at the time.

He wasn’t arrested until nearly 8 years later, however, at which point he suddenly began identifying as a woman and calling himself “Hannah.” Of course, he should have been tried as an adult male, but, thanks to the insanity of the far-left DA who handled the case, Tubbs was instead tried as a juvenile female.

Judging by his mugshot, it is apparent that Tubbs isn’t even trying to look like a woman. He simply “identifies” as one and expects others to refer to him using female pronouns. And as a result, he, a 26-year-old child molester, will be placed in a juvenile facility and housed with females.

Of course, we can’t judge intentions, but all things considered, is there really any question as to why he abruptly and inexplicably renamed himself “Hannah?”

His victim explained that “[t]he things he did to me and made me do that day was beyond horrible for a ten-year-old girl to have to go through.”

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“I’ve also heard that my attacker goes by she/them pronouns now,” she continued. “I see it also unfair to try him as a woman as well, seeing how he clearly didn’t act like one on January 1st of 2014.”

There are simply no words to describe how evil this is.

This story is absolutely disgusting and ought to infuriate us all. If our society is any less repulsed by it than that, it is proof positive that we’ve become too comfortable with perversion.

Our post-Christian, post-religious, post-decent country has become more concerned with protecting liberal sensitivities than protecting the women and children who may be hurt as a result of those insane sensitivities.  

We let men sleep in cabins with girls and place 26-year-old child molesters in juvenile facilities with young women and ask only if it’s tolerant and inclusive; never if it’s moral or safe. It’s high time we woke up to just how insane and debauched our society has become.

For those of us who still hold to reason and morality, it ought to be our responsibility to share these stories far and wide and expose this godless madness for what it really is. For the sake of those who are most vulnerable and at risk of being harmed by these policies, we must sound the alarm.  

Jakob Fay is a former intern and current SIA Coordinator for the Convention of States Project, a project of Citizens for Self-Governance.

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