On Thursday afternoon at a NATO summit in Brussels, Joe Biden told the world that there will be food shortages due to the sanctions placed on Russia amid Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

It seems as if Biden’s handlers directed him to drop the news while abroad, and it’s created a whirlwind of suspicion. The fear-mongering seems just a tad too… Repetitive?

“With regard to a food shortage…. it’s going to be real,” Biden said at a news conference. “The price of the sanctions is not just imposed upon Russia. It’s imposed upon an awful lot of countries as well, including European countries and our country as well.”

The destruction of not just American independence but the ability for each individual to rely upon him or herself has been eroded by our government on purpose. 

It’s difficult to decipher whether Biden’s food shortage warning is just a tease to keep us all in-tune with the world’s drama or if it’s an actual attempt to prepare us. Looking back at the past year, Biden’s warning of a dark winter for the unvaccinated did not pan out like he said. 

So, will we actually face food shortages, or is this just another attempt to grab control of our minds and entrap us in another fear-based lie?

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Either way, shouldn’t the President be doing everything in his power to find a solution to something as serious as a food shortage for a nation of 330 million people? Nope. Instead he dropped the hint and moved on, leaving any possible solutions non-existent.

There’s lots of possibilities for his remark, but the guaranteed fact is that Biden will be the last one to suffer from any food shortages. The same goes for Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell. 

While the middle class disappears in the chaos of rapid inflation and food shortages, the elites in charge will be able to buy their way through with no problem. Meanwhile, the middle class will be forced to rely on the government even more to get by, something that gives these people even more control.

The federal government can’t seem to do its job. So, instead of continuing to allow it to control our lives, we need to stand up using Article V in the Constitution and show the corrupt leaders inside it that we don’t need their ineffective guidance. 

We need to call for a Convention of States, which would allow the states to come together and discuss limiting the power of the federal government.

We shouldn’t have to sacrifice three meals a day because the politicians are playing politics behind closed doors.

Silence Dogood, who writes under Ben Franklin’s famous pseudonym, is an intern with the Convention of States Project. 

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