There’s nothing like a good takedown of a liberal talking point, but it’s something special when one stone kills two progressive birds.

Liberal Twitter is up in arms over gun control right now in the wake of the Orlando terrorist attack. Islam isn’t responsible, guns are, the Left surmises. And now that the Senate has ensured America’s Second Amendment right to bear arms is still intact, the progressive snowflakes are melting, with some feeling like guns have more rights than they do.

That’s what one anti-gun feminist wrote on Twitter:

“As a woman, I just hope that one day I have as many rights as a gun does.”

One response to this tweet stood out among the rest, thanks to the quick-thinking @CloydRivers. He picked up his stone, aimed for the anti-gun feminist and knocked her off both moral pedestals:


“Cloyd’s” followers added a few more things to the list:

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