Earlier today, I posted that Portland police made seven arrests after the ironically named “antifa” protestors brought gas grenades and other projectiles to a Patriot Prayer demonstration.  These types of actions, a direct threat to free speech in America, have been happening all over the nation.  On Saturday, for example, Kansas City Police had to actual disarm antifa groups who were marching in Washington Square Park.

These terrorists (and yes, I’m using that word deliberately) were dressed in black with red scarves around their faces.  They were carrying semi-automatic rifles, ammunition , and red flags with a communist symbol.

According to The Daily Caller, their group, the “The Kansas City Revolutionary Collective,” identifies as “Marxist-Leninist-Maoist” and says it’s organizing against “far-right militias” who support and are supported by President Donald Trump.

According to the Kansas City Star, police ordered their disarmament and removal of ammunition from their weapons at the Saturday morning rally. The armed individuals complied, but several among them claimed that the disarmament violated their rights under the state’s open carry statutes. Members of the group reportedly said they planned to fight the order, but did not take any action at the park.

“We don’t see any merit to fight it now,” said one of the masked antifa members who reportedly removed ammunition from his rifle at the orders of the police. Several members who had their faces covered told the publication that they were afraid of their identities being revealed for fear of harassment.

Police told local news that ordinance allows people to possess weapons but ammunition can’t be with the weapon, adding that ordinance prohibits open carry anywhere in the city unless the individual has a concealed-carry permit.

Any doubts about what they’re up to now?

Hat Tip: The Daily Caller

Featured Image Credit: Wikimedia

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