The insanity on college campuses continues.  This time, the lunacy has been found at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  (I know, I know.  At least act surprised.)   SJ Miller, who spells his first name using lowercase letters and identifies as “agender” is attempting to create a college environment that gives students an “equitable opportunities for success.”

Wow!  That sounds great.  Surely, everyone can get behind “equitable opportunities for success” for all students, right?  Wrong.  A closer look at his article in a journal titled “Multicultural Perspectives,” shows exactly what Miller is up to: “liberating gender identity.”

In “Reframing Schooling to Liberate Gender Identity,” he writes that colleges should, “Invest emotionally in the well-being of students so they can exist in schools without redress for gender presentation.”  He also argues that different gender identities should be represented in assignments students receive, political movements, and writers students must read.

Campus Reform has the details:

“A committee can be formed to put up gender identity expansive posters, signs, billboards, and art throughout the school; to generate recommendations for classroom rearrangements; to ensure that more books with diverse gender identity representations are in classrooms and the library; to invite speakers; to host movies and videos; and to work with others to rename spaces in the school where all gender identities are recognized,” Miller claims.

Miller suggests that “stakeholders” walk as groups through schools and discern funding disparities between different areas. Miller’s overall goal is to address the root causes of “gender identity subjugation” and combat violence.

“By violence, I mean how beliefs and mindsets create prejudice and reinforce practices that take the form of denied or diminished access to material and economic goods, public and social services, schooling policies (i.e., lack of protections and a hyper-focus on cisgender-based curricula), and political protections,” Miller writes.

This person can advocate for whatever he wants (I know…that’s so “cis” of me to assume “he” or use that pronoun), but sane people should not play along. Especially while also condescendingly describing conservatives as “anti-science.”

But, leftists always pretend.  They pretend to be pro-science.  They pretend to be pro-woman.  They pretend to care about victims of sexual abuse.  (However, it should be noted: hyperbole when it comes to the language of “violence” does nothing for true victims of intimate partner abuse. A mindset is not equal to violence.)

Here’s the bottom line: Men are not women simply because they say they are (and vice versa). Making untrue, absurd claims — no matter how emphatically — causes grave damage to many of these individuals, and to our broader society.

The insanity must stop.

Hat Tip: Campus Reform

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