5. Sens. Feinstein and Franken attack Gorsuch’s opposition to the Chevron Rule

Both senators find Gorsuch’s opposition to administrative agencies being allowed to write laws as problematic.

Feinstein said:

“Judge Gorsuch wrote a separate opinion, this time to challenge a long-standing legal doctrine that allows agencies to write regulations necessary to effectively implement the laws that Congress passes and the president signs. It’s called the Chevron Doctrine. This legal doctrine has been fundamental to how our government addresses real-world challenges in our country, and has been in place for decades. If overturned, as Judge Gorsuch has advocated, legislating rules are very difficult. In fact, Congress relies on agency experts to write the specific rules, regulations, guidelines, and procedures necessary to carry out laws we enact.”

Franken whined :

“Now, administrative law can be an obscure and sometimes complicated area of the law, but for anyone who cares about clean air, or clean water, or about the safety of our food and of our medicines, it’s incredibly important, and [the Chevron doctrine] simply ensures that judges don’t discard an agency’s expertise without good reason. Justice Scalia recognized this to be true. But for those who subscribe to President Trump’s extreme view, [the Chevron doctrine] is the only thing standing between them and what the President’s chief strategist Steve Bannon called the ‘deconstruction of the administrative state,’ which is shorthand for gutting any environmental or consumer protection measure that gets in the way of corporate profit margins.”

Yeah, because keeping the branches of power separate as stated in the Constitution is so problematic.

As the Daily Wire noted, it appears that the Democrats’ priorities have suddenly shifted:

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